2nd Chance Trail Ride supports various initiatives

The 2nd Chance Trail Ride organization has donated a few large cheques as of late, first to Valour Place in Edmonton and second to the Good Hearts Foundation. Both recipients house organ transplant patients who are undergoing treatment and recovery.

On October 28th, the organization donated $5,000 to Valour Place in Edmonton. Valour Place is housing for military, first attenders, and RCMP with medical stays in Edmonton. Organ transplant recipients included. This place is a 12 bedroom house in the Kingsway area run on donations.

Pictured is Morris and Fae Irvine and Tom Matthews give $5000 as a donation from 2nd Chance Trail Ride to support those going trough a 2nd Chance at life. Lidia Migus from Valour Place is receiving this donation.

On November 15th, the organization donated $30,000 to the Good Hearts Foundation. The foundation has apartments in Edmonton that allow for transplant patients and their families to stay close to the hospital during the transplant process and recovery. Through the Good Hearts Foundation, 2nd Chance Trail Ride is able to provide two apartments for transplant patients going through the journey.

While in Edmonton to make the cheque presentation to the Good Hearts Foundation, 2nd Chance Trail Rides’ youth ambassador received a special honour, in speaking to the Minister of Health of the Provincial Government, the Honourable Sarah Hoffman. The 2016 CTA Youth Ambassador; Cooper Pirtle and Morris Irvine were introduced in the House of Commons, on November 15th, for their work in bringing awareness to the importance of organ donation. “We took the opportunity to speak about rural hospitals not having opportunity to harvest organs, more donors but not enough transplant doctors and the 6 week preparation program being cut to 4 weeks. Sure hope she heard us.”

The 2nd Chance Trail Ride has also erected a sign on Highway 28 between Cold Lake and Bonnyville bringing more awareness to the importance of organ and tissue donation and signing up for the registry.