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Vicky Lefebvre seeks third term on City Council

“I have been honored to be a city councilor for 7 years,” Vicki Lefebvre is asking for your vote on October 16th, to help her gain re-election on Cold Lake City Council. Lefebvre says strong relationships, commitment to the city and financial knowledge have given her the perfect experience to continue to be a leader of the community and a voice for the residents.

“I am a retired bank manager who worked for 33 years in banking retiring in 2008 after being branch manager for 10 years. I have two certificates; one as a Certified Personal Financial Planner and another for Personal financial counseling,” Lefebvre says it is with her background in the world of finance that she is able to make sound decisions on City Council. “I have worked with clients (personal and small business)helping them meet their short and long term financial goals. I believe this has helped me understand family struggles and business. I understand the need for family services and economic development.”

Strong Sense of Community

Lefebvre prides herself on a strong sense of community. “I have been married 43 years, together with my husband Gilles, we have two daughters and three grandchildren. Family plays an important part in my life. I have always been involved in community services starting with our children’s school councils for 12 years eventually becoming a school trustee for the past 16 years with Lakeland Catholic. I served five years as chair.”

She has always been an active member of the community. Some of the groups Lefebvre has been apart of, both before and during her role as Councillor are; Dr Margaret Savage Centre Board, Community Futures, Grand Centre Lions, Chamber Business of the Year Committee, St Dominic School Council, Assumption School Council, Parish Council. “I am a strong believer in lifelong learning. I have learned so many things by becoming a member of different boards and committees.”

“After becoming a city councilor I learned so much more about our city and how many things are happening, in so many areas at one time.” Lefebvre says being retired is an asset to a Councillor because she is able to attend more functions and meetings, and is known to fill in for fellow Councillor or the Mayor when they cannot make certain events. Since joining Council in 2010, Lefebvre has served on many more groups; including, Northern Lights Library System as Cice Chair (executive as well as board),  Cold Lake Public Library , FCSS, Regional Utilities Services Commission, Economic Development Advisory Committee and Annexation Committee.

Ongoing Projects

“I want to continue to work on behalf of the citizens of Cold Lake and finish projects we have committed to in our 10 year plan,” one of Lefebvre’s top priorities is to solidify the ID349 monies, better known as Cold Lake Air Weapons range. “Experience makes a difference when you the history. Our Mayor will need as much support as he can get. If there is one thing I think is So So important it is securing the ID349 as without it we are not sustainable.

Second on her list is the ongoing recruitment and retention of doctors and professionals.

Lefebvre wants to ensure the continued growth and attraction of Cold Lake, “continue making Cold Lake a great place to live for families by providing services; while promoting economic development.” One of the opportunities Lefebvre sees is tourism, “tourism ranks high as another industry we an focus more on.”

“Safety has been raised as an issue and as a council we have been working on this attending a couple meetings as they work to set up Citizens on Patrol.” Lefebvre says there has been some extra attention and efforts going into ensuring Cold Lake is a safe place to live, “we have hired an additional officer with a dog and we are currently awaiting their arrival probably in 2018. We are aware of what is happening and with a new council for us as well as the MD we may be able to work on more.”


Relationships with City Administration

Lefebvre thanks City staff & administration for all the hard work they put into Cold Lake, “I have gained such an appreciation for our administration and city staff over the years. They work extremely hard in making this a great community to live in from infrastructure to services they work to meet so many demands placed on them.”


“I want to be a part of ensuring Cold Lake is viable. I ask for our residents for support in this election and ask them to please vote for me. I will work hard to meet your needs and make Cold Lake the best place to live.” Vicky Lefebvre can be contacted through her Facebook Page, Vicky Gilles Lefebvre.

Voting for the City of Cold Lake is October 16th from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm at the Cold Lake Energy Centre. For more information on the election visit coldlake.com


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