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David Fox seeks forth term on MD Council

Incumbent Councillor for Ward 2 of the Municipal District of Bonnyville, David Fox looks forward to the possibility of serving another four years on council. “I really enjoy it and I enjoy working with the people,” Fox says it’s building relationships and better quality of life that has him seeking re-election.

Fox is a true MD resident, born & raised, in the area. He’s a retired farmer, with land that he continues to rent out to local farmers. “We’ve accomplished some great things, during my ten years on council. There are still some major projects that I would like to finish,” Fox explains that he would like to see partnerships with the town of Bonnyville, Glendon and Cold Lake continue.

Recreation is important to Fox, “we have a trail system in my ward. There’s a five year plan to connect it to Jesse Lake Trial. Since I’ve been on council we’ve built seven kilometres of walking trail. We’ve been working with the town on the project of joining up Jesse Lake Trail. It’ll be an asset to have the two connected,” Fox explains the master plan is to have the two trail systems joined so that the town will be connected to the MD out to Moose Lake subdivisions. “We started on it two years ago and ran into a problem with wetlands. That was the Town’s portion, and we are working with them. As soon as we get the okay, we will work with them to join it up.” Fox explains there are also plans to use an old cattle crossing under Highway 28 to make it safe for users to cross the highway.

Fox notes the MD funds $25,000 each for 15 community halls, $5,000 for three community leagues.

Partnerships with Neighbours

Fox says he would like to see partnerships with neighbouring communities continue to grow. There are facilities, such as the Centennial Centre in Bonnyville that are a 50-50 split between the Town and the MD. The new football field is another project that the MD helped fund, “we put in the lights [and track]. It was around $300,000.” Fox explains there’s many more projects that the MD has assist on that have benefited both town and rural residents; including the splash park. “We have a real good working relationship with the Town of Bonnyville on these [projects].”

The MD launched the Inter-Municipal Corporation Partnership (IMCP) ahead of any provincial mandates two years ago. The agreement provides $5 million in funding to Bonnyville, Glendon and Cold Lake; based on tax assessments and capita. “As it turns out Bonnyville gets the largest portion based on assessment and capita,” explains Fox, “Cold Lake doesn’t get nearly as much as Bonnyville, for example, because of ID-349, their assessment is higher. We balance it accordingly.”


“We’re all in the same boat, we all feel it’s not a matter of if you’re going to get broken into, it’s when,” Fox explains that the MD is already working on initiative to help reduce crime. “We’ve partnered with the Town [of Bonnyville] and it’s been a month since we’ve had three undercover RCMP,” the unit Fox is referring to is a GIS Unit; in place to combat organized crime and drug related crime.

“Our peace officers are starting to do night patrols. Their presence is going to make a difference.” Fox recognizes that peace officers are limited in what they are able to o, but have been making a difference.

Fox says he would support more funding to RCMP to bring in more members to assist in the rural areas.


“We hear so much about roads,” Fox chuckles at the ongoing topic. It keeps coming up, he explains, because the roads are vital to the MD. “I’ve heard one person saying they want to take ten percent of our road budget and put it into recreation. Which is a good idea, but a ball diamond is no good, if you don’t have a road to get there.” Fox estimates 90 percent of the calls that come into the MD are in regards to roads. “There are a few roads left that I would like to see paved [in Ward 2].”

Seniors & Health Care

“Through a program with the FCSS, we fund for seniors that have to go to Edmonton, for medical treatments,” Fox explains through the program seniors receive money for the mileage traveled. There is also a “hardship flag” program that has the MD plow senior’s approaches and driveways during the winter, at no charge.

Other health related funding the MD has provided while Fox was on Council include the Doctor Recruitment Program, Hearts for Hospital Gala (Cold Lake), Hospital Gala (Bonnyville), Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority and STARS Air Ambulance. “What’s more important than your health,” Fox says he will continue to support all these programs and funding should he be re-elected.

New Faces on Council

“That’s one thing I can definitely help with,” Fox explains there will for sure be three new faces at the table. Two MD Councillors, Don Sinclair (Ward 1) and Fred Bamber (Ward 6) retired and did not seek re-election. As well, Reeve Ed Rondeau will not be returning to the table, meaning there will be a new Reeve; either former Ward 4 Councillor, Barry Kalinski or Greg Sawchuk. With so many new people at the table, Fox says it’ll be an asset to have returning Councillors to help guide the new ones, “the experience is going to help.”


“Vote as you please, but please vote for me,” David Fox asks for your vote on October 16th. For more information on voting, visit, md.bonnyville.ab.ca.


Voting Stations

Residents must vote in a Voting Station corresponding to the Ward that they reside in. For example, if you live in Ward 5, you must vote in one of the Ward 5 Voting Stations.

Not sure which Ward you live in? Click here for the Ward map (updated 2013).

Tentatively, Voting Stations will be open at the following locations:

  • Ward 1 – Beaverdam Hall, Fort Kent Seniors Hall, Bonnyville Seniors’ Drop-In Centre
  • Ward 2 – Eastbourne Community Hall, Shaw House, Bonnyville Seniors’ Drop-In Centre
  • Ward 3 – Flat Lake Hall, Goodridge Jubilee Hall, Glendon RCMP Hall 
  • Ward 4 – Lessard Community Hall, Willow Prairie Community Hall, Bonnyville Senior Drop-In Centre 
  • Ward 5 – Ardmore Senior Citizens Club, Alexander Hall, Riverhurst Hall
  • Ward 6 – Cold Lake Energy Centre, Cherry Grove Hall

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