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Councillor Candidate for MD Ward 6 Ben Fadeyiw calls for Cooperation + Communication

Ben Fadeyiw hopes to bring more collaboration and communication to the Municipal District (MD) of Bonnyville, should he be successful in his bid for Councillor of Ward 6.

Fadeyiw is a business owner, along with his wife, Leila, they own Budget Blinds, “we’re going on year 9. She is my boss,” Fadeyiw says his wife has taken the lead on the business, which has allowed him time to focus on the MD. “That was one of the questions I had at one of forums. I will have time, my wife runs the day-to-day.”

“It’s a big job, I know what I’m getting involved in.” It was Fadeyiw’s involvement with the Chamber that lead him to meeting former Ward 6 Councillor Fred Bamber. Fadeyiw has had conversations with Bamber and knows the commitment it takes to be a MD Councillor.

He serves as the President of the Cold Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce, “I’ve been with them for about six years and have grown from a Director to Vice-President to President. I’ve really enjoyed my role and part of the reason I’m running is thanks to the Chamber.” Fadeyiw says serving on the Chamber has opened his eyes to a lot of the issues that are happening in the MD and neighbouring City of Cold Lake.

When I go into something, I do it full-heartedly. I’m there 110% – Ben Fadeyiw Candidate for Councillor Municipal District of Bonnyville Ward 6.

Better Regional Corporation

“The regional corporation is just… not there. Everything seems to be sided towards south of the river. There’s a lot of appeared favouritism going on. Looking from the outside in, it’s easy to say what can be done. But until you’re there, on the inside, you don’t know what can be done and what can be better.” Fadeyiw hopes to bring a strong voice to north of the river. Ward 6 borders on the City of Cold Lake, the eastern half of Marie Lake and is neighbours to Elizabeth Métis Settlement.

Rural Crime Watch

Fadeyiw hopes to assist in creating a rural crime watch program in the MD, “why can’t we have Bonnyville, the MD, and Cold Lake, get together and create a forum. Find out how we can put a stop to this theft.” He explains that the criminals are organized and the only way to combat it, is to be organized in the region. “Some businesses are getting hit three-four times a month. Residents are experiencing theft. These [criminals] are getting in with ease. They appear to be organized.”

“Business isn’t where it used to be, so when a smaller business is getting broken into three or four times. What’s the cost on that. $3,000 to fix your doors, fix the locks and replace the stock that was stolen. Instead of giving out $3,000 to support a hockey team or community group, these businesses are using it to combat theft.”

When it comes to policing, Fadeyiw would like to see the amount of funding put into the RCMP force increased, with more members available in the area.

Bringing Business to the MD Table

“Being a business owner is a huge asset,” Fadeyiw’s experience in running a business will help the MD, essential a large business, he explains, “we have to look at the MD as a business. From the outside, looking in, there’s a lot of things that can be changed.”

One of those areas is roads, says Fadeyiw, “$60 million going to roads is a huge chunk of the budget and I believe we can do a better job with less.” He proposes that there be a road priority policy, that takes into account usage and condition. That the MD fix an entire stretch of road, rather than a few kilometres each year. “Getting a road consultant [on staff], to really consult the team as to what kind of implementation will work best in the long run.”

Hopes for the Future of the MD

Fadeyiw says it would be optimistic to believe drastic changes could be made in a four-year term, but is hopeful for improvements to recreation. “I would like to see the rec master plan get a complete turnaround. We’ve pulled away from quality of life. We have some good policies, but seem to not be implementing them.” One example is new subdivisions with green spaces, but without parks, says Fadeyiw, “you have a community of 100 homes and ten moms that want together. They just want to go to a park and get their kids together and they can’t do that.” As the MD, Fadeyiw says they have the authority to make sure the subdivisions are built with playgrounds, “let’s make our community a place where people want to be.”

Kinisoo Ridge Ski Resort is another area of opportunity, says Fadeyiw, “that’s the diamond of the MD, why can’t we use it year round. Why can’t we have a marina that’s just off the chalet? We could use it year round.” Downhill BMX racing, fishing retreats and tours, weddings, are all possibilities that Fadeyiw sees as tourist attractions for the MD, “we could really bring it up a level.”

Hospitals & Health Care

“Getting back to regional cooperation, why can’t we build another building to the Cold Lake Hospital,” Fadeyiw suggests expanding the Cold Lake hospital to a regional centre. “It’s an absolute pain going to Edmonton to an appointment. Why can’t we drive half an hour instead? We’re missing the boat by the region not cooperating.”

Supporting Each other

“Why is no one talking about supporting the airport that’s being proposed by Cold Lake?” Fadeyiw says there are major projects that are being held up or stalled because of the lack of cooperation between the neighbouring municipalities. One major project that is seeing little to no support from the MD is the Cold Lake airport. The city has received CATSA designation and is waiting on a major carrier to strike an agreement with them to start flying commercial airlines in and out of Cold Lake, with full baggage claim.


“This is going to be the biggest change in the MD, in a long time. We’re going to see four new people, guaranteed. We’re going to see a new Reeve, Ward 4, Ward 6 and Ward 1. It’s going to be a fresh start, as such and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Information on how & where to vote from the Municipal District of Bonnyville: 

Voting Stations

Residents must vote in a Voting Station corresponding to the Ward that they reside in. For example, if you live in Ward 5, you must vote in one of the Ward 5 Voting Stations.

Not sure which Ward you live in? Click here for the Ward map (updated 2013).

Tentatively, Voting Stations will be open at the following locations:

  • Ward 1 – Beaverdam Hall, Fort Kent Seniors Hall, Bonnyville Seniors’ Drop-In Centre
  • Ward 2 – Eastbourne Community Hall, Shaw House, Bonnyville Seniors’ Drop-In Centre
  • Ward 3 – Flat Lake Hall, Goodridge Jubilee Hall, Glendon RCMP Hall 
  • Ward 4 – Lessard Community Hall, Willow Prairie Community Hall, Bonnyville Senior Drop-In Centre 
  • Ward 5 – Ardmore Senior Citizens Club, Alexander Hall, Riverhurst Hall
  • Ward 6 – Cold Lake Energy Centre, Cherry Grove Hall

These locations will be confirmed after Nomination Day on September 18, 2017.

How to Vote

  1. Before voting, every voter must produce identification and complete a statement that he/she is eligible to vote in that election and that he/she has not voted anywhere else.
  2. Then, each voter will be given a paper ballot.
  3. You can select one candidate for Councillor in your Ward and one candidate for Reeve.
  4. You will indicate your choice by filling in a circle next to the name of the candidate of your choice.
  5. After you have completed selecting the candidates for whom you would like to vote, you will approach a machine, and feed your ballot into the machine.
  6. The machine will scan the ballot, count the votes and provide the results at the end of Election Day.

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