Wednesday , 28 July 2021

Helping Madi Watt

Photo credit: Facebook

Madi Watt, of St. Paul, spent her summer working for the Town of Elk Point’s Public Works Department and training for motocross. At the end of the summer, she went to France as part of the Canadian Women’s Trophy Team and sadly was gravely injured in a race. A medical fund was created to help the young woman in her recovery, at plumfund.com.

“Madi is a member of the Canadian Womens Trophy Team that went to France to represent Canada and compete in the 2017 ISDE (International Six Day Enduro),” reads the page’s description of the accident.

“After months of preparation it was finally race day. Madi started off the day completing her first crosstest and was on her way to time check 1, which required riding road. No one knows exactly what happened as Madi can’t remember, but she had a crash and was found by another rider.”

It is believed that Madi skided off the road went into the ditch and hit a culvert. “Madi sustained severe injuries and was airlifted to the hospital and has been in the ICU.” While Madi was being treated her teammates returned to Canada, “unfortunately, the rest of Team Canada has had to return home and leave them on their own.” Due to her injuries it was impossible for her to fly home and still is, explains the site, “Madi’s condition has improved but there is still no time line on when she can fly home due to her injuries. This is everyone’s worst nightmare and the unforeseen costs of an extended stay.” Any support would be greatly appreciated to help Madi and Trevor (her father), as well as the rest of their family  in Alberta waiting for them to come home.


If anyone wants to donate other than credit card you can press the “contribute” button on the plumfund.com page and beside the billing info click on “pay offline” then you can send money via e-transfer to [email protected] or a cheque can be mailed. This platform was chosen because all others take a percentage of each donation and this site only takes 3% for credit card processing.

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