Thursday , 29 July 2021

We Can Do Better; Vote Chad Colbourne for Bonnyville Town Council

As a husband and father of five kids, ranging from 4 to 15 years old, I want to ensure the heart of our community – the families – have
a strong voice on Bonnyville Town Council. Bonnyville is a vibrant community with plenty of incredible amenities. If elected
to serve you, I will do my best to ensure our municipal facilities, programs and services are well-maintained and further invested in. A community that is safe and accessible for everyone is a community that is strong and viable long-term – and a community that I would be proud to represent.


  • Better relationships & greater collaboration with regional partners; leading to more funding opportunities & infrastructure improvements
  • Better walkability in our community. Sidewalks on every street so people can access all parts of our town safely
  • Better recreation for families. Work with sports clubs & leisure clubs to discover new funding opportunities to help offset the growing costs of registration fees & operational costs. Explore the implementation of a Recreation Committee to oversee progress
  • Better utilization of town facilities, such as the swimming pool. Find new programming opportunities at the pool to use the facility to its fullest, while increasing its user base with exciting fitness & recreational opportunities
  • Better youth engagement. While utilizing a current town facility, implement an after-school program for tweens & teens to hang out at. A place where they can feel safe, parents can be assured that they are keeping out of trouble and mentors / counselors on hand to talk with kids about any issues that may be on their minds

On October 16, vote CHAD COLBOURNE for Bonnyville Town Council 


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