MD Candidates; Unofficial List

The following is the unofficial list of candidates for the October 16, 2017 Municipal Election. Candidates have up to 24 hours to remove their name from consideration before the list can be considered official.

The official list will be released after 12 p.m. on Tuesday, September 19, 2017.

Candidates for Reeve
Barry Kalinski
Greg Sawchuk

Candidates for Ward 1
Josh Crick
Shane Franklin
Marc Jubinville
Don Sinclair – Incumbent

Candidates for Ward 2
Doug Ewanowich
David Fox – Incumbent
Darcy Skarsen

Candidates for Ward 3
Mike Krywiak – Incumbent – Acclaimed

Candidates for Ward 4
Ed Duchesne
Marcy MacEachern

Candidates for Ward 5
Angela Cook
Dana Swigart – Incumbent
Silke Skinner

Candidates for Ward 6
Ben Fadeyiw
Paul Gullackson
Tim Ostertag
Debra Pelechosky
Del Tolley