Home Routes through the Lakeland

The Home Routes program is travelling through the Lakeland Region, allowing artists to get exposure and some help with room & board along the way. The program allows for musicians to cut down on costs of travelling the country by making host homes available in different areas of Canada. The host home is responsible to host the artist(s) to stay at their home and feed them; as well as hold a showcase where the public can attend.

There are host home in Elk Point, Bonnyville and St. Paul. The host in Elk Point has asked that Lakeland Connect does not reveal the location of their house, or really the name of the host; because we’re such a small community if their name was revealed, you’d know where they live. For security reasons the hosts asked to remain anonymous and if anyone wanted to attend they can contact them at 780.724.2268.  For more about the Francophone artists call 1.866.925.6889.
It’s a really interesting and cool program. We love hosting people we get to enjoy the artists and help them along their journey. – Host home in Elk Point.
Now for a little bit more about Home Routes. There are about six artists per year that come through Elk Point and five artists that come through Bonnyville & St. Paul via this program. They are full, live acoustic concerts out on in the living room of the host. The show is only limited to the amount of people that can fit in the home; by the way that’s just under 50. An average show will see about 21 people come out. The cost is $20 per show and all the money goes to the performers. So not only are they receiving a free night’s stay and food, they also make some money on their journey.
The next artist will be in Elk Point on September 27th, Terry Gillespie, a roots artist from Ontario. The show is at 7:30pm and the host asks that you call to find out the location 780.724.2268. For more information on the artists that will be in Elk Point, check out homeroutes.ca under the “Chautauqua Trail”.
For the Bonnyville & St. Paul shows, the artist is Justin Lacroix, who is scheduled to perform in Bonnyville on September 19th and St. Paul on September 22nd. For more information on the artists that will be in Bonnyville or St. Paul, check out homeroutes.ca under the “Chemin Chez Nous”.