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Devin McArthur enjoys successful first season chasing the dream

It’s been a heck of a year racing for Devin McArthur, and his family. The start of realizing a life-long dream began in May, when McArthur began racing in tough truck competitions. The best part of the whole story, McArthur didn’t even have his driver’s license. He got it a month after putting opponents on notice. The grade 12 Cold Lake High School student certainly has drive.

Ever since I was a kid…

Devin McArthur is realizing the dream he has carried so near, and dear to him for so many years. He has always hoped to become a Monster Truck driver for shows like Monster Jam. It’s been a journey going through school making sure he has the proper courses to get the education required. Upon graduating grade 12 in June of 2018, Devin must go to school to pursue an education in heavy duty mechanics. The kicker is he has to be educated in both gas, and diesel engines.

Devin’s mom Leanne admits that his family has mapped out the dream backwards since he decided it was his dream in Kindergarten. The family has attended several Monster Truck shows a year since then. They’ve made the trip to Vegas for the finals 10 years running. Devin is also very strong in his conviction with a season almost under his belt.

“I’ve wanted to be a monster truck driver for years, since I was five. We put out the plan years ago, and we’re friends with some of the drivers who compete. They said a good way to get started is the tough trucks. So, we were looking for organizations near by, we found WORR (Western Off-Road Racing). We met with one of the guys, Dwayne.” McArthur explains, “Asked him some questions on what would be the best vehicle, how to get a roll cage in. We signed up with them, and just started going. Then we found Punisher, another series and started doing it too. That was a couple weeks after we started racing in May.”

Photo Credit: Justin Verbecky

The rookie behind the wheel

Devin began racing in May of this year. He is currently the youngest driver in Western Canada. At 16 years old, Devin started his tough truck racing career without a license to drive on actual roads. Along with his rookie skills behind a steering wheel, McArthur has done work experience with Offroad Perfection in Bonnyville as a way to get his foot farther in the door.

“He got his driver’s license about a month after starting. I was driving down the highway with him. He hit a corner, and was braking like he was racing. I said ‘You can’t be doing that. There’s rules to follow, and lanes to stay within.’ He replied ‘Mom, I like racing better, there’s no signs to follow, and weird lines on the road. You just put it to the floor and go.'” Devin’s mother Leanne explains.

Solid season

McArthur took advantage of his teammates’ knowledge this season. Every time they said he could approach something differently, or do something better he jumped at the chance. That attitude, plus the drive he has, sees him a third place finisher in the WORR Canadian Finals. He sits second in the Punsiher Series, and has his final races September 16-17 in Alix, Alberta. A first place finish looks to be a tough goal, but one Devin is still chasing.

A typical weekend for Devin McArthur

“What they typically do is a set of drags two loss elimination [style]. Almost like a classic bracket. Then they do a slalom, which is the long one, and they time you on that one. Usually how they determine the placement is typically the fastest three of your four [times] from the weekend. The last one I was at they added all four because it was the finals.” Devin explains.

Focusing on school and family

The season comes to an end after Devin’s race in Alix this weekend. Up next is the big task of challenging a beast known as graduation. Although admittedly a tad nervous, Devin McArthur is confident he will take the next step in chasing in his dream. Another important item on Devin’s list is making sure his brother knows how much his time was appreciated this season.

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