Saturday , 24 July 2021

BCHS Modernization Update

With back-to-school on the horizon many Bonnyville parents and students, as well as some facility & staff, are curious as to when the approved modernization project, for Bonnyville Centralized High School (BCHS), will be starting construction. Communications Officer for Northern Lights Public Schools (NLPS), Nicole Garner, says it’ll be some time yet until construction gets underway.

“From approval to competition, we’re looking at around 1-3 years,” Garner explains that with modernization projects it can take longer than a new build, “you still have to use the space, while construction is underway.”  For example, NLPS last major project, Cold Lake Elementary was a new build, school was held in the old school, while construction was done on the new one. In the case of BCHS, much like it’s Lakeland Catholic School counterpart, École Notre Dame High School, school will be held in the facility, while construction is happening. “[The contractors] will have to plan for this and timelines are different.”

The project has been approved by the Alberta Government and is in the design stage. “There’s still a consultation element that will happen,” Garner explains that during the consultation portion, opinions of parents, students, facility, staff and any other stakeholders will be taken and considered. After the consultation portion, the design stage really gets underway.

Following an approved design, tenders are put out to find a contractor and then the project will break ground. “There’s still some time until we see construction on this project.” Garner says the public, students and staff will be kept informed as to when the consultation portion of the project will begin.

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