M.D. Council Highlights for August 23, 2017

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-Heads Up. Be Aware Of Scams and Suspicious People – Some Municipal District of Bonnyville residents are being approached about laying down asphalt in their driveways. We are urging residents to check out all suppliers before handing over any cash payments. We also urge residents to call the RCMP is they see any suspicious vehicles or persons on their land.

-Connections To New Waterline Approved – Both the M.D. of Bonnyville and Town of Bonnyville Councils agreed to amend the Business Plan for the Bonnyville Regional Water Services Commission to allow for low-flow connections to individual cisterns in certain circumstances, provided they are made in conjunction with Alberta Environment regulations. Currently, land agents are negotiating acquisition of easements and working easements for the new water transmission line. The land agents noted that a number of landowners between Cold Lake and Bonnyville have indicated that they would require a connection to the waterline in order to grant an easement to go across their property. Tenders for the waterline should go out in October, with a completion date of March 2019.

-ASB Summer Tour and Beautification Winners – Elaine Bolin received the Rural Beautification Award for Farmsteads during the recent Rural Beautification and ASB Tour. Bernadette and David Ringuette received the Rural Beautification Award for Ten Acres and Under. Their three-acre property has over 600 shelterbelt trees, as well as a beautiful vegetable garden.

-Population Numbers Adjusted – Statistics Canada is adjusting the 2016 Population and Dwelling Counts for the M.D. of Bonnyville after a detailed analysis of the documents and procedures used by census enumerators. The population count has been revised to 12,760 from 13,575, but the population number used by the province of Alberta is 11,661 as they remove the population counts for Elizabeth Metis Settlement and Fishing Lake Metis Settlement (1,099 combined total). This will mean a reduction of approximately $300,000 in provincial grant funding.

-Fire Services Bylaw Amendments – Council gave Final Reading to amendments being made to the Fire Services Bylaw No. 1668. The amendments state that “No person shall set, permit, maintain or operate an open fire for the purpose of land clearing at any time of the year within a Multi-Lot Country Residential Subdivision that has occupied dwelling units located within the subdivision or an adjacent subdivision within 1200m. The person who set, permitted or maintained such an Open Fire shall extinguish the fire immediately upon the order of a Peace Officer, Fire Guardian, the Regional Fire Chief or his designate.”

-Waste Services Update – The M.D. is improving a few landfill and transfer sites. The road at the Hilda Lake landfill has been improved, and a metal collection site added.

The La Corey Landfill has transformed the recycling area to make it easier to use. The Fort Kent Transfer Site will be adding a Tire Marshalling area. The Hillside Estates Bin Site is being paved and the Cherry Grove Bin Site is next on the list. Bin site upgrades are going to be made to Marie Lake, Flat Lake and Alexander in the near future. The M.D. has filled two, 40-foot containers with mattresses in the past three months at the La Corey and Ardmore landfill sites. Recycling mattresses saves space in our Class III pits that are close to reaching capacity. The mattresses will be fully recycled into other products. M.D. staff have assisted with the cleanup of the provincial campgrounds at Hilda Lake and Moose Lake Provincial Park. The next campground on the list is at Ernestina Lake. K & K Metal Recyclers have completed four landfill sites this summer. The company is contracted on a two-year rotation or when the M.D. has over 100 tonnes of metal on site. Earlier in the season the company removed the Freon from appliances at no charge.

-Community Services News – Parks staff continue to deal with flooding issues and dangerous trees in our campgrounds. Once the camping season is over, staff will be doing a thorough assessment of all campgrounds to deal with any brush and tree safety concerns. Repairs have been made on the Minnie Lake Campground and Turcotte subdivision boat launches. Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort is gearing up for the winter season. The new deck has been installed and finishing touches are being completed. Plans for the second annual Snöjuhla are underway, with the Ridge partnering with the City of Cold Lake and 4 Wing to host a February Family Day long weekend of Snow Fever events. Cold Lake M.D. Campground Managers received a thank you from some of their regular campers in celebration of providing 50 years of camping experiences.

-Agricultural Update – Crews continue to deal with flooding concerns. If residents see any beaver problems they are asked to call 780-826-3951 to report the location. Water at the Moose Lake Weir has slowed down to a trickle, with water only going over the lower parts of the structure. Crane Lake has seen areas flooded as a result of heavy rainfalls. Staff are doing their best to keep the creeks flowing. Several areas around Cold Lake received three inches of rain recently, causing some issues for residents. Pest Surveillance is a continuing program throughout the growing season. Bertha Army Worms numbers are on the lower side this year. Grasshopper numbers are high in areas, and the M.D. is advising farmers to keep a close eye on the numbers per square metre. Staff have completed over 40 field inspections, with only a couple meeting the economic threshold to warrant action. Clubroot and Blackleg Inspections are starting this week, with over 300 fields to check. Fusarium inspections begin this week as well. The Roadside Mowing Program should be completing its second pass in the subdivisions by the end of August.

-Planning and Development Statistics – In July, 24 Development Permits were issued, including 21 Residential, one Agricultural, one Commercial, one Industrial and one Recreational Permit, with a year-to-date total of $10,158,637. Year-to-date housing starts include 17 Single Family Dwellings and six Mobile Home Units. Twenty-three applications for Subdivisions were received in 2017. In June, 83 Plumbing, Gas, Sewer and Electrical Permits were issued.

-Transportation & Utilities Update – The paving on Gurneyville Road has been completed, with the contractor now working on cleanup and finishing approaches. The bridge over Columbine Creek has been closed (Bridge File 72618). Council agreed to proceed with the engineering of a new structure at a cost of $70,000. The estimated cost of the new structure is between $400,000 to $700,000.The Road Construction Crew has completed Range Road 484 and are currently working on Township Road 630. If the weather continues to be kind, crews expect to be working until the end of October to complete the last project on the approved priority list. The Paving Crews are not so lucky, with several projects to be carried over to 2018. The crew has completed the Highway 55 intersection and the Turcotte Subdivision. They are currently working in Ardmore and will move to Rge. Rd. 485 next. The Oiling Crew should complete the total priority list. They have completed the Marie Lake Subdivision, Rge. Rd. 471 and the west two miles of Twp. Rd. 630. Crews are now working on Twp. Rd. 630 north of Ardmore, Rge. Rd. 443 and Rge Rd. 413 south of Cherry Grove. They will be moving to Rge. Rd. 425A next. Road Gravelling Crews should be wrapping up at the end of August. The contractor for the Ardmore Storm Pond has been given a three-week extension. The Ardmore Surface Works contractor has received an extension until September 30. The M.D. is waiting for ATCO to move some gas lines. If a solution is not found quickly, the project completion date will be delayed. The contractor has started the subgrade preparation for the 1.75 miles of trail scheduled for paving this year. The trail work along Twp. Rd. 611A was delayed this year due to the wet weather.

-Funding Support – Council agreed to contribute $1,500 to the 2018 RCMP Regimental Ball, as well as purchasing a table for Council. The M.D. and the Town of Bonnyville contributed an additional $1,500 each to the Toxic Round-Up held in June. The committee fell short on donations to offset the cost of holding the event. The total cost to host the event came to $8,400. The following groups received $500 Sport Funding Grants for attending provincials: Rhinos U18 Volleyball, Cold Lake High School Track, Bonnyville Soccer U18, Glendon Sr. Girls Basketball, Glendon Sr. Track and Field, Notre Dame High School Handball and Bonnyville Mosquito Baseball. The Bonnyville Skipperoos received $500 for attending a National event. Council agreed to provide livestock panels to the Bonnyville Ag Society’s Fall Fair on September 9 at the Bonnyville Rodeo Grounds. Council agreed to purchase six tickets, for a total cost of $240, to the Bonnyville Seniors’ Centre Annual Fall supper on September 23.

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