3rd Annual Toy Car Show Thursday

A&W Bonnyville hosts Burgers to Beat MS

In conjunction with Cruisin’ for MS on Thursday at A&W Bonnyville, nine year old Griffin Purdy will be hosting the 3rd Annual Toy Car Show. “It all started by Griffin wanting to be part of the action and getting more people involved. He loves trucks and cars and we go to car shows regularly,” says dad James Purdy. “When he originally asked if we could bring a car to the next show I thought he meant a real one.. and I started to explain that our 2008 Dodge Caravan didn’t quite make the cut. But he quickly corrected me that he meant HIS model cars. It was such a great idea that I knew we had to run with it!”

The event more importantly serves as a way to help Griffin’s dad, James was diagnosed with MS when Griffin was only a baby. Griffin has lived his whole life with intimate knowledge of multiple sclerosis and how it affects the whole family. He is a regular at fundraisers for MS, including the Walk to End MS, taking on the role of team leader for MS Ain’t Purdy.

James says his son’s idea for a toy car show really took off in Bonnyville. “For the first two years we had over 70 toy car entered, each year. This year we’re hoping to have 100 toy cars entered!” The rules are simple; no age limit, any type of toy car can enter, and only five cars per person. There is an entry fee of one dollar per car entry with all the funds raised going to the MS Society.

“I contacted Cindy Germain, the owner of the Bonnyville A&W, and they were excited about the idea.  Because of our involvement with the MS Society we decided to run the the Toy Car Show in conjunction with the annual A&W Fundraiser, Burgers to Beat MS.” This national fundraiser has raised over $9 Million to help end MS. James explains the Bonnyville show is special, “A&Ws all over Canada participate in this event by selling Teen Burgers and throwing car shows. But the Bonnyville A&W is the only one that rocks the TOY Car Show!”

All the kids cars get displayed out in the A&W parking lot right beside the real car show. The cars get judged and trophies are given out to the winners. “We have had a lot of fun with the event and really proud of Griffin for the original idea and all the help he provides to help pull the event off! It’s because of kids like him that we will END MS!”