Basketball + Multi-Use Courts Come to Hilltop Park

Modular tiles are bringing new life to sports surfaces at Hilltop Park.

Work on the project, located on the north side of 50 Avenue and east of 41 Street, was completed late last week, and the courts are now open for public use. The courts include a basketball court and a multi-use space that can accommodate either one tennis court or four pickleball courts.

“This project is an innovative way to bring new life to existing recreational infrastructure,” Mayor Craig Copeland said. “We are committed to providing excellent recreational opportunities throughout the community and we know that these courts will see a lot of traffic.”

The basketball court is open with one net available but there is the possibility that a second net could be added in the future.

The multi-use court is lined so that either one tennis court or four pickleball courts can be used at any one time. When pickleball is being played, the tennis net will serve to help divide pickleball courts and act as a ball stop.

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