Walsh Field Progress Slowed By Excessive Rain

Lakeland weather

They say when it rains, it pours. And that’s been the story of the summer in the Lakeland. Going into the construction of the new Walsh Field, everyone involved knew they would encounter some bad weather. Of late, the rain has come down faster and in much larger quantities than expected.

Rain storms make delays

About a month ago, the new drainage system was installed at Walsh Field. This allowed crews to make extra ground, despite rain or any other weather. Rain storms have been pretty fierce in the Lakeland area this month. Some storms have been a bit too much for the new system to handle. Mickey Fagnan says the weather has been a challenge.

“Rain for us, especially as much rain as we’ve had when we’ve had it has been a real challenge for us. We’re a little bit behind our timing, but so far we left enough window at the end it’s going to be tight. I believe the next stretch of hot weather we get here is going to be hopefully a big advantage.” Fagnan says, “When it rains an inch, inch and a half on a field this size, it plays havoc on everything including our track. When it comes to the track rain is no go.”

Surfaces are getting closer

As for the playing surfaces (Track and Turf), things are still looking bright. The rubberized track is nearly complete, with Fagnan estimating completion at 95%. The track will be completed when crews return with the remaining rubber required to complete the rest of the conversion. The turf, which will be brought in by FieldTurf will arrive sometime between July 31 and August 2nd, with delays possible due to the long drive from Atlanta. Things are still slated for a mid-late August finish.

Fagnan hopes that once the turf rolls into Bonnyville, things will come together, and a quick transformation will take place.