Hometown Sundowns on to Round 2

Olivia Rose’s music video moves on in the Telus Storyhive competition.

The music video for Olivia Rose’s song, Hometown Sundowns, will debut Monday, July 24th, through the Telus Storyhive competition. The young artists, formerly of Elk Point, shot the video after winning round 1 of the Storyhive competition, based on fans votes. Now, she needs your votes again, as the video goes to round 2 and is up for grant money to help the artist distribute the song.

“It was so much fun! Being able to shoot in Elk Point was a dream come true,” says Olivia, “that’s obviously where I got my start and I knew I always wanted to go back and do something.” Olivia says the song was written about her hometown and it made perfect sense to return to shoot the video in the town of 1700 people. The idea sparked while playing Canada Day in 2016, “I performed for Canada Day [in Elk Point] last year and it felt really good. Anything I get to do back there is awesome.”

One of her favourite parts was being able to check out the old hangouts, “I was able to go to Burger Bar and hang out with Remy for a while. We went out to the grainery and we shot the bulk of it out by Stoney Lake.”

Staring in the video were friends from Edmonton, Candy and Sage, “I got my best friends to come down with me. They got to be the featured friends in the video. Some family friends and Elk Point people, came out to Stoney Lake to be in the campfire scene.”There’s other actors involved in the story, as it centers around a single mother and a solider.

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Olivia Rose’s career after high school

The singer, who just turned 18 and graduated high school says she’s taking a year to discover what’s next for her career. “I’m taking the year off, with the support of my parents. They want me to continue with my singing career, so they’re helping me a lot.”

“I just found out that I’m going to be performing on Via Rail! It goes all the way across Canada, they hired me as a performer.” Much like a cruise line performer, Olivia will travel on the train across the country singing and performing along the way, two or three times a day.

“We’ll go out to Toronto for that and spend a couple weeks there doing some writing,” Olivia says there’s some talk about doing a video shoot while in Toronto, as well. “For my new single, Raised like a Saint, which will be coming out in October.”

Olivia also plans to head out to Vancouver in September to see some shows, including Miranda Lambert. She hopes to be inspired and have time to do some writing.