Field Lacrosse Coming to the Lakeland This Summer

Lacrosse just keeps growing in the Lakeland. Field Lacrosse is a new arm of the Lakeland Lacrosse Association. Play will begin this summer. The program aims to open new opportunities in the Lakeland, and grow the game further. Another major aim is to have fun learning a sport new to the area.

Differences from box

The first major difference from box is that field lacrosse is played outdoors. In Field, 10 players are on the field at a time, as opposed to 6 per side in Box. The player breakdown is: 3 attackers, 3 midfielders, and 3 defense. As with Box, there is a goalie. Field Lacrosse has a total of 23 players per team. Equipment requirements are very close to Box other than the need for cleats.

New to the Lakeland

The new program will fall under the Lakeland Lacrosse Association (LLA). As with any new program, parents are encouraged to get involved. The Alberta Lacrosse Association is working in conjunction with LLA to provide coaching clinics. Practices will be held in Cold Lake and Bonnyville. The LLA is expecting some players to travel from as far away as Wainwright. Registration for Field Lacrosse is now open. You can register your child at Registration will include a reversible jersey that will be used for practices and games.

The new Field Lacrosse teams will be called the Lakeland Fire. They will use similar colours and symbols as the Lakeland Heat.

“We are just starting it up this year this year for kids that aren’t done with the short Box Lacrosse season. One reason for starting it up, is that it gives kids more opportunity if kids decide they want to do it professionally or go to school.” LLA Technical Director Michael Groves explains.

Tournament action

The Lakeland Fire are targeting tournament dates in mid-late August.