Bonnyville Junior ‘A’ PONTIACS Looking for Good Billet Homes

The Bonnyville PONTIACS ‘Billet Family’ Program plays a major role in our team’s success both on and off the ice. It takes special families to open up their homes and their hearts to our players and we take the utmost care to ensure our players are placed in environments that are conducive to care, understanding and safety. The Bonnyville PONTIACS are always looking for families in the Bonnyville and Lakeland area who are interested in opening their doors and give the team’s players a “home away from home“ during our season.


During the day the players are kept busy with practices, video sessions, off-ice skill development, team meetings, individual player meeting and conditioning. During the week, afternoons can consist of work, school or team generated community initiatives. Their evenings can consist of involvement in the community, AJHL games, homework or just enjoying some quite time alone, with their billet families or teammates. Our players have an extremely structured and committed schedule. We have nine days off at Christmas and play 30 away games throughout the province of which 14 or more days are spent away in different towns and cities which allows our Billets to have some personal time to their family life.   


Our Billet Families provide our players with strong role modeling, parent-type figures and a supportive family environment that will make a significant difference in the lives of our players who have left their own families to pursue their goals and dreams.

Billeting can be a tremendous experience in which you can share in a young person’s goals and dreams and develop a lifelong connection with a player and his family from all around the province and North America. The rewards can be immeasurable. In fact, many families still keep in contact with their players as they move through the ranks of college and professional hockey.


Our billet families will receive remuneration in the amount of $400.00 per month per player and they will also receive a “Family Pass” for  regular season tickets for home games in our Billet Section as well as invitations to team events and our Billet – Parent Appreciation Dinner/Weekend.


Candace VASSEUR is the Bonnyville PONTIACS billeting coordinator who will help us match each player’s personality and backgrounds with our quality billet homes. You can contact Candace at (780) 812-0222 or Assistant General Manager/Associate Coach Larry DRAPER at (780) 826-2893 for more information.