Mayor Parrish Tung seeks Forth Term

The Town of Elk Point’s Mayor, Parrish Tung, has confirmed he will be seeking re-election. The mayor says he would like to maintain stability for the residents of the town.

“I just want to provide some continuity to the town in this tough economic times,” says Mayor Parrish Tung, confirming his bid for re-election.

Recently named as a Board of Governors for Portage College, Parrish Tung was an educator for 33 years before retiring. He has been living in Elk Point since 1997.

Mayor Tung was elected in 2005 for his first term and in 2013 won his second term by acclamation.

**an earlier version of this article stated that Mr. Tung was seeking his thurs term as mayor. He is in fact seeking his forth term. Lakeland Connect apologizes for any confusion.