Walsh Field On Track and 75% Completed

It takes a team

photo credit: Mickey Fagnan

Contractors have been working hard to get Walsh Field ready for deadline. The weather hasn’t cooperated all the time, but crews finally have the field in such a state that missing a day would not impact making the deadline. The crews have been putting in timeless hours to ensure things are in good shape. The drainage system is now fully installed in the field.

“We’re probably 75 percent complete. The track side should be done by the 13th or 14th of July. FieldTurf is coming in on July 17th and they are hoping to be done by the first weekend of August.” Mickey Fagnan says. “So far we on target. It’s a fluid situation [between the track and field.]”

The hope is that work on Walsh Field will be done, and it will be ready for the first weekend of August. From there, a few touches for football club usage will be added. New field goal posts will be one of the adds after construction completes.

FieldTurf and PlayTeck have been working hand in hand to ensure both the field and track surfaces come together as planned.

“First class professional guys. They understand the weather window opens and closes. They have been real ambassadors. May, June, July is their window to get work done. They have to work together or it all grinds to a halt.” Fagnan says of the companies working on Walsh Field.