Bensmiller Wins Ponoka Stampede, Ready for Calgary

Photo Credit: Ponoka Stampede

Kurt Bensmiller has been on a winning streak in past weeks.  After winning High River, Bensmiller headed to Ponoka for Wednesday, June 28.

Ponoka Stampede

The six day stop on the WPCA tour saw Bensmiller trying out a couple horses he didn’t have together before.

“They seemed to click. They have a new format now, after four days you win the aggregate and the truck. We continued on the last two days to make it a sweep of Ponoka.” Bensmiller says.

Off to Calgary

Bensmiller heads to Calgary on Thursday July 6, and the races begin on Friday. The Calgary Stampede is a ten day event that does not count towards the World standings. He hopes to aim for top 8 in the running.

Coming back to Bonnyville

After wrapping up the Calgary Stampede, Kurt Bensmiller will have a week off to relax. He will then get ready to head to Bonnyville for a “home town” competition.

“We have momentum right now. It’s still three weeks away. It would be nice because Bonnyville is as close to a home town show as I have. There’s lots of family and friends around there. We’re packing the friends of George Norman tarp. It would be nice to put it together and win the George Norman Show.]” Kurt says.

Leading the pack

Bensmiller leads the WPCA standings by over 133 points. He might have had more points if it weren’t for a 1 second penalty that cost him a win in Medicine Hat.