Rural Crime Forum Cancelled

The public forum on rural crime, scheduled for July 6th, has been cancelled. Organizer of the event, Greg Sawchuk, put out a press release announcing the cancellation due to politics surrounding his campaign for Reeve. Sawchuk had announced is candidacy for Reeve in April and stated in the letter, “the MD of Bonnyville failed to sanction the event and did not allow its Peace Officers to attend”.

In the letter, Sawchuk states that “the MD has deemed it political because of my involvement” and says it caused the RCMP to pull out of the event, as well.

The Municipal District (MD) of Bonnyville has a policy in place, Election Campaigns 10.12.41. The policy “sets out guidelines respecting the use of M.D. resources for election-related purposes to promote public confidence and transparency in local government elections, and to protect incumbent candidates from allegations of benefit, privilege or inappropriate use of M.D. resources by taxpayers, voters or other candidates.” For more on the policy and the upcoming election visit *Please see attached photo for more on Policy 10.12.41.

Sawchuk maintains that, although he is running for Reeve, the event was proposed out of his concern as a citizen. Attached is the letter send to Lakeland Connect by Greg Sawchuk.