Lakeland Lacrosse Association Celebrates Folliott-Niedermaier Awards

June 23-25 was a busy weekend for the Lakeland Lacrosse Association. The Association hosted the year-end tournament for Mini-Tyke, Tyke, and Novice level lacrosse. On Saturday night, LLA hosted a barbecue for the parents and kids involved in the tournament.

Burgers + Hardware

During the Barbecue Rod Pettigrew, President of Lakeland Lacrosse, handed out the first annual Folliott-Niedermaier awards. The awards honour the founders of lacrosse in the Lakeland. Greg Folliott and Darcy Niedermaier were instrumental in bringing lacrosse to our region back in 2005.

It’s been a year of transformation for the association with the introduction of a new logo, and new jerseys to come soon. The awards pay homage to the past, while also serving as a way to honour those who will continue the tradition of growing the game. Nominations for this year’s awards were entered by current and former members of the LLA.

Folliott-Niedermaier Recipients

Below are the winners of the first annual Folliott-Neidermaier awards. There were 11 winners this year:

  • Darcy Niedermaier
  • Greg Folliott
  • Crystal Frey
  • Ali Grezla
  • Daryl Hodinsky
  • Dennis Hodinsky
  • Wyatt Guild
  • Mike Born
  • Cole Kulczycki
  • Barry Machan

“The Folliott-Niedermaier recognize Greg Folliott and Darcy Niedermaier, who were instrumental in starting our association back in 2005. This is something to recognize all their hard work and dedication starting our organization. I think it’s a great honour for them, and I hope we can keep it as an annual award.” Pettigrew explained.

Tyke + Novice Tournament

The barbecue was held at the Cold Lake North Arena. The North Arena was the location for the novice tournament. The tykes played their weekend tournament at the J.J. Parr on 4-Wing Cold Lake. The tournaments were the year-end wrap-ups for the Wheatland Lacrosse Association, which is the league the LLA plays in. 23 teams from across the league were in Cold Lake for the tournaments.

The Tyke teams each played five games over the weekend. The Novice tournament was double knock out format. The format sees teams go for as long as they can until losing two games.

“The tournament went really well. Instead of buying the kids goody bags, we decided to take our money and celebrate the sport, and 150 years of Canada. We decided to take the money, and throw a party for the kids. So between games in the tournament, the children had a chance to partake in the kid’s carnival. The kids got to have fun and team build before going off for summer break. ” Crystal Frey, media director with LLA, said, “We had amazing performances by our children. The weather cooperated, and everyone is having a good time.”