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#1 Public Safety Officer Catches Alleged Rural Property Burglars – Municipal District of Bonnyville Peace Officer Skinner was in the right place at the right time Thursday, June 15, 2017. In addition to their other responsibilities, M.D. Peace Officers often patrol our rural community to deter property crime. While conducting one of these patrols, Peace Officer Skinner was flagged down by a family member of a homeowner near Ernestina Lake. The family member had been contacted by his brother to go and check on the residence as the home alarm system had been activated. The Peace Officer found two people on the rural property, who appeared to be intoxicated. When the Peace Officer approached them, she could hear the alarm going off at the residence. The two individuals were turned over to the Cold Lake RCMP for further investigation. It is suspected these individuals had been squatting nearby, in a derelict, abandoned camper on Crown land at Ernestina Lake. “Our Peace Officers are very cognizant of rural property crime in the M.D.,” said Chris Garner, Director of Public Safety. “We make every effort, within the scope of our duties, to help our community and deter rural property crime.”


#2 Rural Crime Prevention Support – Council agreed to work within the current budget to support rural crime prevention. In May, Council learned the M.D. was not successful in its funding application through the Civil Forfeiture Grant Application for a Rural Crime Prevention Program. Rather than funding the program from reserves, Council agreed to continue with the current initiative of putting extra patrols in areas that have historically been problem spots in order to help deter crime. Public Safety will offer support to the Rural Crime Watch Group, purchasing and installing signs and assisting with annual costs. Council will assess the results during budget deliberations in the fall.


#3 Campground Rates Increase in 2018 – Municipal District of Bonnyville Council approved several campground rate increases that will come into effect in 2018. Non-power sites will increase to $25/night from $21/night. Powered sites increase to $30/night from $26/night, matching the current site rates at Cold Lake M.D. Park. A wheelbarrow of wood will increase to $12 from $10.


#4 Public Safety Update – Public Safety has started its summer schedule on the Iron Horse Trail, patrolling three times per week. The department is also working with North East Muni-Corr Ltd. to prevent the use of motor vehicles on the portion of the trail leading to the Beaver River Trestle. Patrols of M.D. Campgrounds have also begun for the season. Officers have been responding to a multitude of complaints about damaged roads. The wet weather has made some roads more susceptible to damage from truck traffic. Officers have adjusted patrol patterns to keep an eye on high traffic roads. Officers are seeing a rise in public complaints about vehicle speeds and other driving offences. A dog owner has been charged after Officers responded to a dog bite complaint. The owner had been previously warned to ensure the dog remained on his property.


#5 Community Services Update – The tender for the Kinosoo Ridge House Reno/Shop Upgrade was awarded to R Reid Projects Ltd. for $108,727. Docks are in at all the M.D. boat launches. The construction of the Chicken Hill Lake beach project will begin in July. Cold Lake M.D. Campground is celebrating its 50th anniversary this summer.


#6 Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Next Year – The inclement weather has wreaked havoc on the Transportation and Utilities project schedule. Pretty much everything is behind. Staff are calling June the “mudbog month”.  On a positive note, the 70 drainage issues on the board at the beginning of the season have been reduced to 35. A contractor is being used to help whittle down the lengthy list. The contract Road Gravelling Program is working in the Flat Lake area and will continue for the next two months. Given the weather conditions, it is expected nearly every gravel road in the M.D. will require attention. The Dust Suppressant Program and the application of MG 30 will not commence until the sun starts to shine consistently – for more than two days! The Construction Crew is literally bogged down on Range Road 491. They are patiently waiting for the weather to improve so the work can be completed and they can move onto Rge. Rd. 484. A second crew is working on the intersection treatment on Highway 55 and Rge. Rd. 433. The Paving Crew has wrapped up in the Drouin Subdivision, but is still working on Township Road 630 by the ski hill. The crew has also rectified some culvert settlements. The Oiling Crews are working on Twp. Rd. 630 in Ward 4 and doing some rip and relay on the Wolf Lake Road. If the weather does not improve, the Oiling Program will suffer. The Waterline Tech Committee has been moving along with the plans for the waterline between Cold Lake and Bonnyville. It reviewed the draft proposal and is waiting for the revised version from the consultants to be discussed at a July 6 meeting. The Gurneyville Road contractor is on schedule to have the first section into Bonnyville paved prior to the Canada Day Parade – as long as the weather cooperates. The Ardmore Water and Sewer line replacement is delayed because of weather. The 2017 Asphalt Crack Sealing Tender was awarded to Alberta Parking Lot Services for $104,200.


#7 Ag and Waste Services Update – Crews have been busy with flooded areas all spring, concentrating on areas with property and infrastructure damage. Staff are monitoring the Moose Lake Weir and assisting with keeping the weir flowing. The drainage ditches the M.D. controls are a challenge this year. The maintenance will have to be looked at in the near future. Department staff are assisting the provincial government with the cleanup of the random camping area at Hilda Lake. The M.D. will provide the use of 6-yard bins, receiving the waste at the Hilda Lake landfill at no charge and assisting with the removal of a couple of burnt out camping vehicles. The clean-up will take place on June 26 or 27. The Roadside Mowing Program is being hampered by inclement weather. The Moose Lake subdivisions are being mowed, but are limited to dry areas. The challenge is to not create ruts in the subdivision areas with the big mowers. The Roadside Spraying Program has started, concentrating on brush in the ditch and noxious weeks. Weed inspectors are spraying noxious weeds in industrial sites and Oxide Daisy areas. The Roadside Cleanup Program completed 320 kilometres of roadway, with 24 groups participating and $26,000 paid out to the non-profit organizations.  


#8 Planning and Development Update – In May, eight Development Permits, including eight New Residential Building Permits were issued, with a year-to-date total of $3,241,950. Year-to-date housing starts include five Single Family Dwellings and two Mobile Home Units. Twenty applications for Subdivisions were received in 2017. In May, 58 Plumbing, Gas, Sewer and Electrical Permits were issued. Council gave Final Reading to Bylaw 1664 for Temporary Occupation and Lease of a Road Allowance north of NE 24-62-6. Final Reading was also given to Bylaw 1665 for Temporary Occupation and Lease of Road Plan 872 2638, located within NE 30-59-5 and SW & SE 31-59-5.


q#9 Fort Kent Truck Dump Shutting Down – Council agreed to shut down the Fort Kent Truck Dump until further notice. Presently, more solids and septic waste is being dumped than the entire hamlet generates, and it is causing problems with the lagoon. Septic trucks are being redirected to the Ardmore dumping station, which is designed to accommodate the additional load. Administration will bring back recommendations for the Fort Kent location in the fall.


#10 Haying In The ‘30s Contribution – Council approved a $5,000 contribution to Haying in the ‘30s Cancer Support Society for their annual fundraiser, which takes place August 5 to 6. Council also agreed to have M.D. staff build 25 metal picnic table frames a year, over the next five years, at a cost of approximately $100 per frame. Haying In the ‘30s uses about 400 picnic tables at the event. Each year they build and replace broken ones. Volunteers will finish off the frames at the annual work nights that take place before the event. Council also agreed to provide any lumber that is not used for campground firewood to Haying in the ‘30s, which they will use during the old time sawmill demonstration and in renovating buildings on the site


#11 Funding Support – Flat Lake Hall received its annual $25,000 Operating Grant. The Bonnyville & District Historical Society received its annual $17,500 Operating Grant. Council approved at $10,000 contribution to the Bonnyville Child Adolescent Mental Health Collaborative, as well as entering a team in the Bonnyville Mental Health 2017 Golf Tournament on September 15 for the cost of $400. The Glendon Ag Society received a $3,583.65 contribution to pay for the cost of hiring Kids Play World to set up during the Glendon Derby & Mudbogs on August 12. Council approved the use of a 15- foot land roller, a trailer of panels and 30 picnic tables for the Bonnyville Pro Rodeo & Chuckwagon Association.


#12 Municipal Election Update – Council approved the remuneration for the October 2017 municipal election workers. The M.D. will be hiring 34 election workers for the 15 voting Station locations. The Senior Deputy Retuning Officer is paid $225/day, and the Junior Deputy Retuning Officer is paid $175/day. Workers receive $125/day for the training session and $.505/km for mileage.


#13 Utilities Bylaw Changes Approved – Council gave Final Reading to Bylaw No. 1666 dealing with public utilities. Now, all homeowners and renters will receive their $200 deposit back when they close the account. The interest on the deposit is reduced to 1.5 percent and will be added to the account on December 31 of each year. The M.D. will supply a water meter, but the owner/developer must install it.


#14 Annexation Agreement Formally Passed – Council approved the Annexation Agreement between the City of Cold Lake and the M.D. as approved on May 29 as a joint submission to the Municipal Government Board for approval.


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