Helping Local Hunger – One Can at a Time

45-80 people helped in Bonnyville every month.

Approximately 67 000 people in Alberta were helped by food banks in the past year. And over one-third of the people helped by these banks were children. Millions of Canadians struggle to meet with incomes that make it hard to purchase even the most basic costs of living. That’s where food banks come in.


The Bonnyville Friendship Centre, located on Main Street in Bonnyville, is one of 65 food banks located all across Alberta. They serve about 45-80 indigenous and non-indigenous youth and adults every month. Only last year, the Friendship Centre was making and delivering lunches to children at Duclos Elementary School who didn’t bring a lunch of their own to school.


As the food bank is local, you need to have a proof of residence in order to use its services. The bank also requires you to give them personal information, which will be kept confidential, and lastly, you must reside either in the town of Bonnyville, or in the MD.

Holidays are when the food bank gets most of its donations. Especially around Christmas and Halloween because everyone is eager to give. But the lack of donation in spring and summer months is a problem with the amount of folk coming in from around the area. To solve this problem, you can donate by bringing non-perishable food items, hygiene products or money directly to the food bank. You can also donate online at

Attention! June 21st is Aboriginal Day! The food bank will be having a barbeque at the splash park in Bonnyville to celebrate. Come out to support our local food bank and enjoy some burgers and aboriginal culture!