Saturday , 8 August 2020

DIY Canada Day Wreath

There are so many talented people out there making amazing wreaths for all seasons and occasions and I was inspired to try my own. Since Canada will be 150 years old on July 1st, I decided to design a patriotic wreath for our house. The basic techniques can be used to make wreaths for other holidays, birthdays, or even to show support for your favorite sports team.


– foam core board (or cardboard)

– scissors, exacto knife

– acrylic paint, brushes

– pencil

– ribbon, fake leaves/flowers, other decorations, if desired

1. Draw a circle on the foam board whatever size you want the wreath to be. I traced around a dinner plate to make a fairly small wreath.

Draw a second smaller circle in the center of the first, leaving a few inches of space between the two circles.

2. Draw or trace a maple leaf in the smaller circle, making sure that several parts of the leaf extend past the line into the ring between the two circles.

NOTE: If you want to make the wreath more than a single layer thick, you can glue the layers together before or after cutting.

3. Cut out around the outside of the large circle.

Cut out the pieces between the small circle and the maple leaf.

4. Paint the maple leaf red. I did one coat of regular acrylic paint and one coat of pearl red.

5. Paint the ring between the circles white. I did one coat of regular acrylic paint and one coat of pearl white.

NOTE: The paint will probably warp the foam board. Painting the back side will help warp it back, or you can squish the wreath beneath something heavy to flatten it again.

6. Add whatever additional decorations that you like, such as ribbon wrapped around the ring or hanging down from the bottom, letter stickers spelling out “CANADA”, or red and white glitter.

7. Decide how you want to hang the wreath and attach the necessary loop or piece to the back near the top.

8. Proudly hang your beautiful wreath on the door or wall. DONE!

I was thinking that a larger red ring around/behind this would look great if I decided to make it larger. What else do you think would be fun to try with this wreath?

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