Colin Nazarchuk Comes Home After Successful Year of College Ball

Colin Nazarchuk, of Elk Point, has returned home for the summer. The college baseball player has spent most of the past year in British Columbia. With his Freshman year at Douglas College in New Westminster complete, the 19 year old is back in Alberta to enjoy time off.

One season down

It’s been a jam packed year and a half of ball for Nazarchuk. The starting pitcher picked up the ball in January 2016, and hasn’t slowed down since. He played summer of 2016 in Edmonton, before heading to Douglas. Nazarchuk had fall training with his teammates until November. He set the ball down for a month to come back to Elk Point for this past Christmas.  January 2017 saw Nazarchuk return to Douglas College, and get set for Spring Training. His team went down to Arizona for Spring Training in March. The Douglas College Royals played April and most of May. The Royals had a record of 3-17 on the season.

Working to avoid injury

Colin has suffered a few injuries through minor ball before making it to the college level. He blew out his knee cap playing hockey, which ended his years playing the sport. He’s been through physiotherapy for shoulder injuries as well.

“He went down there to pursue a degree in physical education and kinesiology. At Douglas, you have to take a two year sports science program. That’s what he took this year and next year. He has to complete his diploma in two years… Yes he went to school for an education, but ball is his number one priority.” Debbie Nazarchuk, Colin’s mom says.

The interesting note on Colin’s choice of education is how it relates to life on the ball diamond. The knowledge he gains in the classroom allows him to better himself while training and practicing.

Building the machine

With injuries and education in hand, Colin has plans for a light summer. He plans to work his body at a slower, more deliberate pace.

“My plan right now is, I’m at 190 pounds, to get to 200-210 when I go back to college. With that comes more velocity and being a stronger pitcher on the mound.” Nazarchuk says, ” So right now I’m doing strength and coniditioning in Vermilion. Our coach at school gave us a program to follow. I’ve started a weighted ball exercise to increase velocity over [the next few] months.”

At his current 6’3″ and 190 pounds, Colin is roughly the same size as the average MLB player. This bodes well for building towards his second season at Douglas College.

Draft hopes

Colin Nazarchuk is still a bit away from sitting down and signing papers to declare for the MLB draft. At 19, he’s still got plenty of time to figure things out before thinking about doing such a thing. One thing is for sure though, when talking to Colin, you can tell the draft is always in the back of his mind.

“Right now training towards getting better at the next level. If I’m throwing hard, I have a good second year at Douglas, there’s a good chance I can get drafted. If I put my mind to it, anything is possible at this point.” Nazarchuk explains.

Happy to be home

Nazarchuk came home a few days before Victoria Day Long Weekend. He spent most of the time catching up with friends and family.

“It’s been good to be home. Helping out on the farm. It’s been good to catch up with friends. It’s been a good week and a half.” Colin says.