Bonnyville helps fund local Groups

Council approves $42,500 in contingency money

The Town of Bonnyville Council voted to approve funding for two local non-profit groups, the Bonnyville Golf & Country Club and the SPCA and an event, Extreme Mudfest. Each funding request will come out of contingency money, totaling $42,500, as it was not included in the 2017 Budget.

Bonnyville Golf & Country Club

Town Council approved $30,000 one-time funding to assist the Bonnyville Golf & Country Club in funding the cost of replacing its irragetion system. The club had originally asked for $150,000 to be funded over the five years at $30,000 per year. The Town felt that since it was an election year they did not want to straddle the Council coming in with such a large commitment.

The Town commended the course in its fundraising efforts and advised them to ask again next year in front of the (potentially) new Council. The Municipal District of Bonnyville was approached with a similar ask from the course and approved $150,000 one-time funding.



The Town of Bonnyville Council has approved $10,000 to go towards the SPCA’s Operating Budget. The non-profit group had asked Council for $25,000. Taken into consideration was the fact that the organization does not receive a casino fundraiser every year, rather it’s every 18 months. The group will not have a casino in this operating year and are anticipating a deficit.

The Town felt that the SPCA would be $10,000 short without the casino fundraiser and approved $10,000 based on that information.

The SPCA also approached the MD with a similar funding request, which was voted down at May 10th Council meeting. MD Council had instead decided to work with the SPCA to see if their price per animal fee should be higher to better account for the cost of service. The MD felt that they would prefer to pay for services rendered; rather than assist with a large funding request.

Extreme Mudfest

Council voted to fund the annual event the same contribution it made the year before, $2,500. The Town has also offered the use of the ball diamonds at no charge for the event’s annual ball tournament.

Extreme Mudfest had originally asked for $6,000 to fund the designated driver shuttles. The Town felt their ask was too high considering their balance sheets showed a surplus in funds. The Town would like the event to invest their own funds into this service.

It was also noted in the decision process that the MD has approved $8,000 for the event.