LCSD Celebrates Catholic Education Week

Julie Chorney receives Excellence in Catholic Education Award.

Catholic Education Week is an opportunity to celebrate the important role that Catholic Education plays in building our society.
This year, Catholic Education Week will be celebrated in Lakeland Catholic School District (LCSD) from April 30 to May 7. Lakeland Catholic School District’s staff, students and their families learn, grow and contribute to our community on a daily basis and Catholic Education Week is a wonderful time to showcase our achievements. Last week affords an opportunity to collectively reflect on and highlight our successes, thank all involved and look forward to our promising and vibrant future.

A particular point of celebration is of our achievement – our Accountability Pillar (Alberta Education) results are outstanding this year. LCSD received a score of 91.2% for Safe and Caring Schools. Our District is very proud of this accomplishment as it demonstrates the combined effort of all of our stakeholders to keep our children safe at school so that they can reach their highest potential. On Quality of Education, LCSD received a score of 90.4% and our high school completion rate is 89.8%! Our District’s Satisfaction Survey indicates that 100% of parents are satisfied that our schools model Catholic Christian values that are consistent with the values taught in the home.
Together with parishioners, staff, students and their families we celebrate masses on both the weekends of April 30-31 and May 6-7. At the school level, various events will take place during the week. School events include open houses and prayer services created specifically for this week.

On Friday, April 28 our District sent our annual District Highlights Brochure home with families. This key publication summarizes our performance highlights and outstanding achievement regarding the goals in our Education Plan. Our District has also put together a Church Bulletin outlining key aspects of faith development and faith permeation in our schools. You can read our faith highlights by getting a copy at your local parish.

It is incredibly important to celebrate the significant contributions that Catholic Education makes to both our immediate community and to the world at large. Perhaps the importance of Catholic Education and the reasons why we celebrate it so abundantly is best summarized in our students’ responses regarding the importance of Catholic education:

“Catholic schools are important because they include everyone!”
-Grade 5 student
“I love my Catholic School because I love the atmosphere. It allows you to feel safe and in God’s presence.”
-Grade 10 student
“At Catholic schools, we get to learn about social justice and how we can make a real difference in the world.”
-Grade 4 student

Let us celebrate by taking the time to share with each other the good news of Catholic education.

Pictured: Julie Chorney received the Excellence in Catholic Education Award from LCSD. Photo Credit: Lakeland Catholic School District.