All Aboard the S.S. American

BCHS Students captivate & wow crowd. 

The spring play Anything Goes brought to life by BCHS students was not only fun and entertaining, but anyone sitting in the audience on Friday night couldn’t help laughing at the plays hilarious antics. Walking in, the amazing set caught the eyes of audience members as it was created by staff and volunteers. Over 60 people contributed to the success of the show at the Lyle Victor Albert Centre in Bonnyville this weekend.


It was easy to see that the cast put in their full efforts to make this a great show. Every young actor looked confident and at ease the entire duration of the program in front of their entertained audience.


Mieke De Freitas starred in the show as a very convincing Reno Sweeney. Between solos and many group songs and dances, De Freitas blew the crowd away with her energy.  Among her phenomenal vocals and impressive stage presence, De Freitas did an impressive job in memorizing lines and choreography.


JR Delamarter, who portrayed Billy Crocker, had incredible enthusiasm and did a wonderful job in adding the emotion that was needed to depict his character. Not only did Delamarter share his talents as the male lead, but also transformed into a sailor.


One of the most talented voices of the night belonged to Sarah Mercier who took on the role of Hope Harcourt. Mercier displayed the image of a sweet and friendly city girl and beyond any doubt, looked the part as well.


A crowd favorite was unmistakably the character of Lord Evelyn Oakley, performed by Colton Bamber. A memorable song from the play was “The Gypsy in Me” wherein Bamber showcased a more outgoing part of his character. Between his genuine english accent and how he depicted the characters amusing cluelessness to how “Americans speak”, Bamber was a perfect fit for role.


Renee Baker adapted quickly to the role of a believable mother, and received the part of Evangeline Harcourt. She gave an absolute performance and showed a pure, motherly-type compassion.


Moonface Martin was a character that made the whole audience giggle. It was only right to have Austin Bentley portray the devilish criminal. Bentleys role wouldn’t have been complete without the aid of Madison Armagost, who played Erma. Armagost brought the characters loud and outgoing personality to life while performing in the play.


Brennan Laing did a fantastic job playing the wealthy boss man of the night, Eli Whitney. He had great presence on the stage and didn’t come out of character, even during some of his most challenging scenes.


Kevin Zazula and Ethan Tercier provided a heaping amount of comic relief to the crowd as John and Luke. The pair delighted the crowd and filled the centre with laughter.


FBI agents, sailors, ship passengers, angels and a multitude of others were played by Rhett Schulz, Erika Tienhara, Megan Pitt, Lexi Perepelecta, Shawna Bilodeau, Savannah Martin, Sheonna Stanley, Luke Willman, Kali Paradis, Hannah Bouvier, Erin Anderson, Shelby Anderson, Mckenzie Armagost, Mikaylee Beck, Ariana Church, Meagan Desmarais, Brielle Laing, Hallie Martin, Emma McLean and Mickela Tharle.


The show, undoubtedly, would not be able to go on without the help of directors Jacey Burkholder, Nicole Baker and ElizabethAnne Switzer. As well as choreography and set design Laurent Marcil, Heather Missen, Sharon Wager, Mitch Michaud and Chantel Baker. And last but certainly not least, the backstage crew.


Overall, the time and effort put into the play was unquestionably justified with its success. Congratulations to all the actors and actresses who contributed to the prosperity of the show!