Curtis Hargrove opens up to Students

Philanthropist visit Ashmont School with a special message; #GetLoud

The Cold Lake Runner, Curtis Hargrove, stopped in at the Ashmont Elementary School on Monday to kick off Mental Health week by opening up to the students about his own struggles. “We talked about dreaming big, accomplishing goals; as well as how to overcome obstacles and hardships in your life.”

“The biggest thing, these last couple years has been the amount of injuries I have gone through,” as an extreme marathoner, Curtis has had his share of setbacks; including a torn Achilles tendon, a concussion, and hip issues. “A lot of the injuries kept me out of physical activities for 8-10 months,” not being able to do the one thing he truly loves, running, took it’s toll on Curtis’ mental health.

Physical injuries coupled with the loss of a loved one, had Curtis hitting a low point in his life, “then the passing of my grandma, my best friend, it really took a toll on me.” Curtis recalls this to be the darkest period of his life.

Speaking openly about his struggles with mental health and his awareness of how to overcome obstacles has helped Curtis in his recovery. “I talked to the kids about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and making sure you’re taking care of yourself and taking care of your body.”

The school also invited Penny Mcgilvery, the sole female singer for the band, Northern Cree. Northern Cree was the first ever Aboriginal band to perform at the Grammys and were nominated an astounding 7 times!! Here is a little video of Penny in action.

Curtis advises that people continue to talk about mental health and talk about mental health with kids. It’s important that children know not to be ashamed of their feelings and thoughts. Curtis hopes to continue visiting schools with his message. If you would like to learn more about Curtis Hargrove, like & follow his public Facebook Page.