Pasta Battles

Local fire departments clean their plates for charity.

The Elk Point Fire Department has challenged the St. Paul Fire Department to a friendly spaghetti eating contest set for Monday at Boston Pizza in St. Paul. Each department will be bringing $100 per fire fighter competing, with the winning department taking the pot to donate to the charity of their choice. Deputy Fire Chief for the Elk Point Fire Department, Mike Ernst says it’s a competition he’s excited to train for.

“Each member has to raise a minimum of $100 to participate,” Mike says there are already four men ready to losen the belts on their bunker gear for the cause, “hopefully, we get another member or two signed up.” The competition is Monday, but the department believes for many years of great home cooking from their moms they will be ready for the spaghetti challenge.

“This is definitely a contest we’ll excel at! St. Paul’s gonna get sauced and tossed!” Mike laughs, “it’s all in good fun. We have a great cause that we’re hoping to donate some money towards, and we get to eat tasty spaghetti; can’t go wrong.”

The Elk Point Department has chosen the Palliative Care Unit at the hospital to donate the money to, should they win. If you would like to see the pasta battle go down, head to Boston Pizza St. Paul on Monday at 7:00 pm.