A Day at the Java Shop and Greyhound Bus Depot

Photo Credit: Doris Osinchuk

Elk Point dinner theatre has what Hollywood and Nashville don’t have – actors who perform without pay, and Johnny Cash!

Last Saturday night marked the fifth and final performance of this year’s theatrical production by the Elk Point Community Choir.  Guests converged on the Allied Arts Centre in Elk Point to enjoy A Day at the Java Shop & Greyhound Bus Depot, a ‘delightful comedy about the daily activities in a small town restaurant and bus depot.’  In this fun play, written by Roger Congrove citizens of Fort Macleod thwart a pair of hapless thieves.


All the talent involved in producing, directing, and acting in this show is from the Lakeland. The amateur director and actors, who have regular day-jobs or attend classes, devoted their winter nights to rehearsing, resulting in a performance that their audience found entertaining. Added to the fun of the play were songs by Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, and Udo Mueller (who is also a member of the cast!)


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