The Ladies of LSC

Equal opportunity to grow at LSC Industrial

Local welding, fabrication, pipe fitting and oilfield construction company LSC Industrial has been employing women since opening operations in 2010; though it wasn’t until the celebration of International Women’s Day on Wednesday that co-owner Jarl Groothuysen looked around the room and noticed a lot of females. That’s because gender is never a factor in whether or not you’ll become part of the team at LSC.

“We give a fair chance to women to come and showcase their skills. Often the women are harder workers than the guys; they have something to prove,” Jarl says with a smile. “There aren’t an excessive amount of women [employed at LSC], we have a lot of men, as well,” Jarl says it’s not something they consciously planned. Human Resources department at LSC just doesn’t factor gender into hiring, “we want skilled, we want the best and we’re finding it with both genders.”

Journeyman steam fitter & pipe fitter, Adelle Lastiwka says she’s been with LSC for over three years and her gender goes mostly unnoticed, “I really like it here, because I felt like Jarl gave me a better opportunity [to advance my career], than other places that I have tried at.” Adelle says being treated fairly and equally is a huge reason as to why she’s stayed with the company for so long, “sometimes there’s unequal opportunity for women. There’s not supposed to be; but I’ve felt like I’ve done really well here and Jarl’s supported me.”

“I started as a labourer and I went through all three years of my apprenticeship,” Adelle explains that education and ongoing training is encouraged at LSC, “I also have experience as a welder and equipment training, with the company.” Jarl laughs that although Adelle just finished her last schooling in December,  he believes she is ready for more, “we haven’t talked about her next trade yet. But, I think we’re going to have to look into that.”

Adelle Lastiwka (left) with co-worker

LSC employs 11 women, nearly a quarter of their staff, in various trades and fields; including, steam fitters, welders, warehouse, safety, quality control and office management. Adelle says it’s really nice to be able to bond with another female in what’s traditionally known as a man’s workplace, “it’s nice to be able to bond with someone. I get along with the boys, very well; but it’s nice to have another girl around.”


Adelle says it’s a family atmosphere, built on growth and development that keeps her coming back each morning. The company celebrated 1000 days incidents and loss-time free on Thursday, Adelle, who worked at LSC during that entire run, says it’s that group mentality that helped get them there, “hardwork, good communication and having a good mentality of the good. We are a smaller company. We all know each other, we all work together and a lot of us have worked here for a long time. You get to more than just co-workers; you’re friends and family.”

Staff at LSC Industrial celebrating 1000 days incident & loss-time free.

LSC is 100 percent locally owned. Founded in 2010 and offers a wide range of services:

  • Facility Construction & Maintenance
  • Pipeline Construction & Maintenance
  • Pile Fabrication & Facilitation (2″-12″)
  • Structural Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Exchanger Service
  • Civil Earthworks
  • Pipe Fabrication
  • Tank Repair
  • Safety
  • QAQC