Updates to MD Noise Bylaw

The Municipal District (MD) of Bonnyville updated its noise bylaw on Wednesday with the final reading of Bylaw 1657. The update was brought forward from Director of Public Safety Chris Garner, “the current bylaw we have is from 1988. It needs to be updated to better relect current concerns and changes to the MD.”

There have been a lot of changes and increases in residential and industrial property over the last 29 years, explains Garner, “we’ve certainly increased our residential and industrial subdivisions since 1988. This is an opportunity to, not only update the format and make it a more modern format consistent with our other [bylaws], it also is an opportunity for us to adjust the penalties for us when violating the bylaws.” With the changes Garner is hopeful the deterrent for violating the bylaws will be much greater and help eliminate some of the noise issues.

The new Bylaw now addresses issues that are occurring because of increased growth in residential and industrial rural subdivisions. The severity of different offenses, and the deterrent against violations, is now reflected in the fine amounts.

Schedule of Offenses and Fine for Bylaw 1657

Section Violations Specified Penalty
9.2 Escalating Fines 1st Offence 2nd Offence 3rd Offence
3.1 (a) Cause noise within the municipal district $200   $400 $800
3.1(b) Operate/permit to operate a motor vehicle which causes noise $200 $400 $800
3.2 Property owner permit property to be used in way which causes noise $200 $400 $800
3.3 Fail to carry out activity with as little noise as practicable $150 $300 $600
3.4 Person/property owner/ fail to comply with directive of Peace Officer to eliminate/abate the noise $400 $800  $1600
3.5 Audible bird scare device used at night $200 $400 $800
4.1 (a) Make more noise than is reasonably necessary with motor vehicle to give warning $200 $400 $800
4.1 (b) Fail to follow restrictions regarding muffler or similar equipment on motor vehicle $200 $400 $800
4.2 Operate motor vehicle in residential area in such a way to cause noise $200 $400 $800
6.1 Generate objectionable noise during night time hours in residential area $200 $400 $800


Visit the MD of Bonnyville online for more information on Bylaw 1657