17 Crashes in One Week

Weather & Wildlife collide

The Cold Lake RCMP Detachment reports that they have been called out to 17 motor vehicle collisions last week. In a span of seven days the RCMP say that seven deer versus vehicle collisions have been reported. There was another collision involving a moose and a few incidents where weather had played a part in accidents; including, one vehicle sliding off the road due to ice.

The Energy Centre also appears to be a hot spot for accidents with a few reported incidents happening along Highway 28 near the facility.

RCMP warn motorist to be mindful of wildlife, especially during the early morning or mid-afternoon/evening twilight hours where visibility an be poor. It is also important to drive to the conditions; which could mean going slower than the posted speed limit if conditions are icy, foggy or snowy. This time of year can be especially dangerous for motorists, so always be aware of your surroundings and travel distraction free.