Another Brick in the Wall

Storm Warnings: January 17th, 2017

It was a well deserved break, but now its back to work for the bantam girls Storm who had a whole month off and hadn’t played a game since the Sunday before Christmas, but surprisingly, even though a little rusty they played very well against the Lakeland Jaguars.  Goalie Heaven ‘the Brick House’ Colbourne had an exceptional good game, she was solid facing 63 shots and very quick on her side to side movement on the one timers she faced.

Little spark plug peewee aged center Laramie ‘Louis’ Parr had a opportunity to score in the second period on a break away getting right to the net and aiming for the five hole, she came close to slipping one in. Her sister team captain Jelena ‘Prime time’ Parr came rushing down the right wing on a break away, and got a hard shot away. The Lakeland goalie had trouble with that one, bobbled it but managed to keep it out.

Three good shots on goal for ‘Precious’ Jenna Poitras, the Lakeland goalie having trouble with handling all of them. Tandem defense partners ‘Gorgeous Georgia’ Bendixen and Jace ‘Jack Hammer’  Weidmark, were getting  some nasty pressure on the blueline but didn’t mind getting their noses dirty.

Sydnee ‘the Kid’ Crawford was named player of the game.  She was a real Storm Trooper for sure, first one in the corner on the for-check digging out the puck, and coming back on the back check, catching up to the Lakeland player and regaining  the puck, she played 110 percent all game.

 And now for the K. A Campbell quote of the week. ‘Playing goal is like being shot at.’ – Jacques Plante