Copeland: We’re all very Proud of Alex Janvier

National Art Gallery taking Janvier Exhibit on Tour

Photo: Big Fish Waters (L’ohwa’chok Touwah’) Alex Janvier 

“We’re all very proud of Alex Janvier,” Mayor of Cold Lake, Craig Copeland, praises the Cold Lake First Nations artist for his amazing, world renown work. Copeland was on hand at the National Art Gallery’s opening of Alex Janvier’s exhibit in Edmonton and says it is “absolutely stunning!”. The artist’s exhibit is expected to close in April; however it now appears that the exhibit may be hitting the road for a Canadian tour.

The City of Cold Lake had loaned a piece, entitled “Big Fish Waters (L’ohwa’chok Touwah’)”, to the National Art Gallery, in Ottawa, for the exhibit. The gallery has now written to request the loan be extended until September of 2018; to allow for a national tour. “We’re just honoured to be able to showcase that painting, and have more Canadians see it.” The painting, which was given to the City of Cold Lake, was completed in 1982 by Alex Janvier, and regularly hangs at City Hall.

Janvier has been receiving a lot of praise, as of late. Along with his gallery exhibit in Ottawa, which showcases the artist’s life through his paintings, Janvier has recently completed a large mosaic at the new Roger’s Place in Edmonton. The 1,600 square foot circular tile, glass mosaic titled Tsa tsa ke k’e (Iron Foot Place), spans almost 14 metres across the floor of Roger’s Place. Known for his abstract art, Janvier captured the earth and elements of the Edmonton area, in the piece.

“We’re totally on board and really appreciate the work the National Art Gallery of Ottawa is doing. That exhibit, in Ottawa, was really breath taking,” Mayor Copeland says you cannot pass up an opportunity to visit the gallery, should you be in the Ottawa area. Since it appear the exhibit is going on a cross-Canada tour, LCN will keep you posted, should it stop at a gallery in Alberta.