Our Pure Family: Educate, Equip and Empower You to Beat Cancer

Tyson Lucas knew he wasn’t going to die of brain cancer. He just knew. He didn’t know how he’d beat terminal stage IV Glioblastoma Multiforme; but when a doctor told him he was going to die, in 2012, and it was a matter of how long he had left, not whether or not this disease would claim his life, Tyson just thought nope… Not happening.

“Doctors said I had six months to 17 months to live,” Tyson explains that without treatment he was given six months and if he underwent conventional treatment, chemotherapy and radiation, he could live as long a 17 months. “I said ‘what can I do to help myself increase those odds?’ and the doctors said, ‘nothing.’ They were very frank that I was going to die.” Weighing at 260 pounds, the doctors didn’t even advise Tyson to get fit. “I thought, ‘that’s not acceptable, because I’m going to beat this. I knew in my soul I was going to beat this. It was just a matter of how.”

Trained in leadership development and fueled by a lifelong positive attitude, that didn’t borderline on intense, it jumped the line and claimed the title, if anyone had the right training and mindset to take on terminal cancer – and kick it’s butt, it was Tyson. There was only one element standing in his way, the how. Knowing the least he could do was to get fit, “train hard, so the fight is easy.” Tyson started there. Waking up at 6:00 am each day to work out, 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes weights each day, before heading to the hospital for chemotherapy. Tyson saw each workout and each treatment as a way to give him more time to answer the ultimate question, “how can I beat terminal cancer?”.

“It was a matter of finding out what I was going to do,” Tyson explains that with the full support of his family and powered by friends, co-workers, and the community, he was ready to discover the answers he needed. The Lucas’ used all their resources, studied different cure-alls, questioned conventional wisdom, found new medicine and embraced different spirituality, to discover the ultimate answer to the question “how can I beat terminal cancer?”

“Everything I found, I tried. It took a long time to even find information. There’s a lot of false information out there,” even just five years ago, when Tyson was first diagnosed, information on alternative treatments weren’t as readily available. The Lucas’ quickly discovered they would have to work through trial and error. With one important rule, everything that went into Tyson’s body would be to aid in his health. “I started implementing whatever I could find. Top that off with, just 100 percent, positive knowledge that I was going to beat it.”

The Lucas family found one common truth: no disease, including cancer, can survive in an alkaline environment.  The Lucas’ credit Cold Lake chiropractor, Darrel Kopala for introducing them to the alkaline diet. “It was like filling in the blanks, ten months later I was back to work, with a free scan.” Cancer free after living the alkaline diet, incorporating natural medicines & cancer fighters, along with a positive attitudes and an expanded view of spirituality, the Lucas’ wondered, what are we going to do with all this knowledge and information? “People certainly don’t need to die of cancer. If we can beat brain cancer, then surely people with breast cancer, colon cancer, and everything else should be easy too.”

Back at work and healthy as ever, many people wanted to know how Tyson beat terminal cancer. “So we thought, ‘how are we going to spread the word?’, so we built a Cancer Aid Kit. A starter kit for people.” That’s how Our Pure Family was born. Tyson, along with his wife Christine and daughter Tylyn, his brother Trevis and sister-in-law Nicole, took everything they’ve learned about the alkaline diet, alternative treatments, natural medicines & cancer fighters and put it together. Our Pure Family provides a free consultation with the Cancer Aid Kit, to help people on their journey, support the mission and really listen to you and your story. The information can be overwhelming; especially when you have the heavy weight of having cancer on your mind. So the Lucas’ have designed the consultation as a way of helping people understand each product in The Cancer Aid Kit and how it works to help restore the body.

The Lucases are now helping people, help themselves. “Now that we’ve gathered all this information, I’m more than sure that all forms of cancer can be beat.” Since coming home with a clear prognosis, Our Pure Family has been able to help numerous people given death sentences cancer free bodies. Their website is full of testimonials; including one from a Mrs. Lodowski, “Alongside the surgeries and the radiation, I got in contact with my friend Tyson Lucas who introduced her (my mother) to a number of alternative treatments. My mother chose to follow his advice and followed everything she could from his Race to 100. Thanks to receiving and following this advice, my mother has been told at recent doctor visit that she is all clear of cancer.”

And then there’s Tyson, living proof that Our Pure Family beat terminal cancer. Four years later, he laughs that there’s so much he’d do different; but he’s happy with where his journey took him and his family. Tyson sees clearly why he was challenged with terminal cancer: He was exactly the right person, with the right training and personality leading into the diagnosis to say “No.” To challenge conventional medicine, to train day and night, try everything, to adsorb all he studied, open his heart to spirituality and lead his family to a cancer-free life.

Now Tyson, along with his family, want to Educate, Equip and Empower you to a cancer-free life, with Our Pure Family. For more information, find Our Pure Family online or book a consultation today.