Family Benefit Dance Raises over $16K

The New Year’s Eve Family Benefit Dance, in St Paul, raised $16, 575.15. Money will be used to aid families in need, in and around the St. Paul area, all year round. Communications Coordinator for the St Paul Family Benefit Committee, Lynda Munro, says the event was a huge success.

The beauty of the event is many times the families that have been help financially, in the past, will return to donate their time or resources to the event, says Munro, “some of our past donated families came to celebrate and support us.” It’s a pay-it-forward movement that keeps the committee strong. The weather was not the greatest and with some sick kids at home, some of this year’s families could not attend the benefit dance. Munro reports that five families have been helped out financially in 2016; with different monetary amount going to each family depending on the situation and need.

“We didn’t have as big of a crowd as previous years, but the night was great for Adults and kids galore! We can a bouncy house which every child there loved.” Munro says despite the lower turnout the committee was extremely grateful and pleased with the amount of money raised through silent auction items, donations, and ticket sales.

“Many hours were put into volunteering to put on this fantastic event!” Munro thanks all the volunteers, committee members and sponsors for helping make the event a success. Plans are already underway for the 10th Anniversary dance on New Year’s Eve 2017. If you would like to get involved contact Lynda at 780-207-0159.