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2017 Road Priority Lists Approved

In-House Paving

Ward    Project                       Segment                      Length             Project Type

5          Township 622             RR 444 to SH 892      3 miles            Overlay/base pave

6          Township 630             RR 411 to RR 413      2 miles            Base pave

5          Township 620A          Hwy 28 to Ardmore    600 metres      Base pave

2          Township 611A          Hwy 28 to RR 461      1.6 miles         Base pave

3          Range Road 485         SH 660 to Twp 614    2 miles            Base pave

2          Druin Subdivision                                          .75 mile           Pavement overlay

2          Turcotte Subdivision                                      1 mile              Pavement overlay

3          Range Road 485         Twp 622 to Twp 624  2 miles            Base pave

5          Intersection                 Hwy 55 & RR 433      300 metres      Base pave north half

6          Baywood Road           Twp 631 to C.L. Nr    2.5 miles         Stabilize/Base/Pave

2          Range Road 461         B’ville to Twp 611A   .25 mile           Base/Pave

5          Esso Road                   Twp 643 to Twp 644  1 mile              Stabilize/Base/Pave


Contracted Paving

Ward    Project                       Segment                      Length             Project Type

1    Gurneyville Road from Lakeshore Ave to Twp 601A for 6.25 miles ( Base pave)

5          Ardmore Phase 5        Surface works west side                     Base pave

2          Sunset Beach              Access Roads              1 mile              Micro surfacing


In House Construction

Ward    Project                       Segment                      Length             Project Type

3          Range Road 491         Twp 603 to Twp 604  1 mile              Reconstruction

6          Township 630             RR 413 to RR 415      2 miles            Reconstruction

5          Township 622             RR 435 to RR 440      1 mile              Reconstruction

1          Township 605             RR 442 to RR 442A   .5 mile             Reconstruction

3          Range Road 484         Twp 592A to 594        1.5 miles         Reconstruction

3          Township 624             SH 881 to RR 494A    1.5 miles         Road Widening

1          Range Road 453         North of Twp 610       1 mile              Reconstruction

3          Landfill reclamation   Therien                       .5 mile

5   North half Intersection      Hwy 55 & RR 433      300                  New construction

5    Esso Road                   Twp 643 to Twp 644  1 mile              Stabilize


New Oiling

Ward    Project                       Segment                      Length             Project Type

5          Township 630             RR 441A to RR 443   1.5 miles         New oiling

3          Township 614             RR 481 to RR 482      1 mile              New oiling

3          Township 610             RR 481 to RR 482      1 mile              New oiling

3          Range Road 492         Twp 604 to Twp 605  1 mile              New oiling

1          Range Road 453         North of Hwy 659       .5 mile             New oiling

1          Range Road 453         South of Hwy 28         .5 mile             New oiling

4          Range Road 471         North of Hwy 55         .5 mile             Oiling

4          Township 630             RR 471 to RR 473      2 Miles            Oiling

1          LARA Road                RR 450 to RR 452      2 miles            Oiling


Rip and Relay

Ward    Project                       Segment                      Length             Project Type

5          Township 635             RR 441 to RR 444      1 mile              Rip & Relay

5          Township 640             RR 444 to RR 443      1 mile              Rip & Relay

6          Range Road 413         Hwy 55 to Twp 621    1 mile              Rip & Relay

1          Range Road 425A       SH 897 to Twp 604    2.75 miles       Rip & Relay

3          Range Road 485         SH 660 to Twp 610A  1.5 miles         Rip & Relay

4          Range Road 475         Twp 644 to Twp 650  2 miles            Rip & Relay

5          Range Road 443         Twp 624 – Twp 630    2 miles            Rip & Relay

6          Marie Lake subdivision          Loops              .5 mile             Rip & Relay

4          Dust control repairs    16 Dust controls         1 mile              Rip & Relay



Crime Prevention Update – Public Safety received an excellent response to the survey request for residents interested in participating in a crime prevention program. The department will be setting up a public meeting to determine how to best move forward with the initiative. Public Safety has also submitted an application for grant money through the provincial government’s Proceeds of Crime Grant Fund to contribute to program options that will address the escalation of rural property crime in the municipality.


Ardmore Waste Cart Issues – The street construction in Ardmore, compounded by wet weather, has created some challenges for the crew emptying waste carts. Staff are picking up the carts manually in soft muddy areas. If residents have been missed, please call the Agriculture & Waste Department at 780-826-3951 for pick up. Once the cold weather sets in, and construction halted, the crew will be back to its regularly scheduled pick-ups.


Regional Water Line Governance Committee – Reeve Ed Rondeau and Councillor Mike Krywiak were appointed to the new Regional Water Line Governance Committee.


Public Safety News – School Resource Officers undertook numerous school visits to deal with Halloween safety and drug awareness presentations. Glendon School Grade 5 students are receiving the Right Choices Program. Internet Safety presentations were done at Ecole Voyager School. Public Safety dealt with an old open well complaint in the rural Ardmore area. Provincial authorities have been notified and are dealing with the property owner, who secured the well immediately. Officers dealt with six dogs running at large and other complaints were for dogs attacking other pets and continuous barking.


Roadside Brushing Funds Available The M.D. still has funds available for landowners to take advantage of the Roadside Brushing Program. In 2016 two miles have been completed. The M.D. will pay between $500 to $2,500 per half mile, for cleaning the M.D. portion of the road right-of-way. Landowners have to receive approval of the project before work can start. The program will be reviewed at the next Agriculture Service Board Meeting.


Community Services News – Warm temperatures mean snow making at Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort has been put on hold. The Ridge received approval from Alberta Parks to improve some trails to make them more skiable and take less snowmaking effort. Unfortunately the wet weather only allowed brushing work to be accomplished, resulting in the majority of work being rescheduled for the summer. The M.D. Parks Department received approval from Alberta Parks for upgrades to Wolf Lake M.D. Campground. Staff will be developing a cordoned beach area, increasing the size of the boat launch parking lot, and creating a group site area.


Planning and Development Update – In October, 16 development permits, including 13 New Residential Building Permits and three Industrial Permits were issued, with a year-to-date total of $24,186,014. Year-to-date housing starts include 40 Single Family Dwellings and 16 Mobile Home Units. Thirty applications for Subdivisions have been received in 2016. In October, 91 Plumbing, Gas, Sewer and Electrical Permits were issued. First Reading was given to Bylaw No. 1631 to Close and Lease a road East of NE 4-63-4-W4M and SE 4-63-4-W4M commencing 201 metres from Township Road 630 north for approximately 700 metres.


Agriculture & Waste Services News – Total claims in the third quarter of the Veterinary Services Incorporated (VSI) Program from July to September are $62,286. The claims are 13 percent lower than the same time last year. If the trend continues the VSI Program will come in $22,000 under budget. The 2016 budget for the program is $108,000. Crews have been continuing to blast and trap in beaver problem areas. Staff will continue to work until all the creeks have frozen over to try and prepare for spring runoff.


Funding Support – Council agreed to contribute $3,000 to pay for half the cost of one breakfast at the 2017 Bonnyville and District Oil & Gas Show on June 21 and 22.


Bridge Repair Tender Awarded – M.D. council awarded the Bridge Repair Tender to Ardy Rigging for $178,336. Council agreed to increase the original budget from $190,000 to a total construction, engineering and contingency cost of $238,169 for the four bridges.


Briefly – Council approved the $877 cost for ATCO to install five LED lights in the Cold Lake Industrial Park.


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