Saturday , 10 April 2021
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Sobolewski: One of the Best AUMA Yet

Bonnyville & area were shining examples of how working together can get you further

“In terms of information and work that we were able to accomplish,” this was one of the best AUMAs yet, says Mayor of Bonnyville Gene Sobolewski. The Mayor adds that other municipalities were excited to get a chance to talk with Bonnyville to discuss how working with their neighbours, the Municipal District of Bonnyville, the City of Cold Lake, the Village of Glendon, Towns of St. Paul and Elk Point have helped them achieve their goals.

“A lot of people were very, very interested in what we’re doing as a Municipality, to foster relationships and being able to move forward with issues with the Province, to get things resolved.” The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Conference was held October 5-7th, at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton. It allows towns and city representatives opportunities to discuss important topics, as a group or individually. It also allows some hands-on time with Provincial Ministers, and other government representatives.

“We worked very closely with out neighbours, Cold Lake. We had a Council to Council meeting, just to sit down and go over some issues. I really enjoyed it. We had a fantastic opportunity to dialogue,” Mayor Sobolewski says the two Councils spoke in depth about the regional waterline and other issues that affect both communities and the region. “We were able to have the City of Cold Lake and RUSC (Regional Utilities Services Commission) present and invited to meet with the transportation officials to discuss the water issues.”

We can move along together, as a region. – Gene Sobolewski Mayor of Bonnyville

“We met, officials to officials, and put the case forward. Sounds like the Province is listening to our concerns. So in that regard, it was a really good step.” The Mayor explains by holding a Council to Council meeting a lot was accomplished and both parties were able to hear each other’s concerns and move forward on solving them. Another example of how the region is working together to accomplish goals.

“Our dialogue and networking with our neighbours was phenomenal. I was talking with everybody from villages to towns in the north to towns in the south, comparing notes, and showing them how some of the benefits of collaborating and cooperation can be fruitful,” Mayor Sobolewski says many municipalities were looking at our region as an example of what can be done.

As for the waterline, Mayor Sobolewki says they are moving ahead with the engineering, “we should see some expression for interest coming out this week or the next sometime.”

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