Renegades Extend Win Streak to 12

Bonnyville Peewee Renegades shut down the Lloydminster Steelers 53-0

“We’re on a 12 game win-streak; that’s carried over from last year,” Head Coach of the Bonnyville Peewee Renegades, Kevin Sartain, set out a goal this year to bring the Championship game to Walsh Field by securing that home field advantage. Without a loss in the season yet, and a huge Points For & Against spread it appears that Sartain can safely declare he’s achieved that goal.

Sartain continues to display intense and steady leadership with the Renegades and will do so to close out the season. “We threw for another 150 yards in the air,” on a rainy, windy and cold Saturday afternoon at the Holy Rosary High School field in Lloyd, it was quite an achievement to have such a huge throwing game.

Sartain doesn’t let his squad get complacent just because they’re winning. “To tell you the truth, we came out a little flat footed. We had our first string on for all of the first and some of the third quarter. We were only able to score 26 points in the first half and 27 points in the second half.” Sartain says the other team came prepared, “the prepped and had game footage on us; that was obvious. I have to hand it to them, they played very well.” Unlike the Wheatland Football League, in Peewees team are not required to share game footage.

Sartain was able to put in some second string players; including Brent Hoshowski. A new player who got called in after one of the first string tightends had to come out due to a minor injury. After receiving a beauty pass from Renegades Quarterback, Duncan Critch, “Duncan throws this kid the ball, it’s his first ever, he’s only played in a couple of games. Hoshowski goes and catches it, probably 30 yards.”

Sartain said the whole team played well on Saturday but there were some standouts; Kobe Ives, Darrian Keewatian and Logan Church. “Jayden House, he’s been with us for three years, he got his first touchdown,” Sartain boasts.

“Even if we loss the next two games, which I don’t see how that could be possible, we’d need to lose by so much; it would be impossible for us not to get home field for the Championships.” Sartain stated, exclusively with LCN, at the beginning of the year, that this was his last year as head coach of the Renegades. He’ll continue to coach for the Bonnyville Amateur Football Association, but he plans to move up to Bantam or High School level; likely not as head coach but as an associate coach learning the ranks from the current head coaches of those squads.

The Renegades have this week off due to a Thanksgiving bi and return to action the following weekend against Wainwright.