MD Peace Officers Remind Public to Slow Down in School Zones

Motorist reminded to stop for school buses & slow down in school zones

Director of Public Safety, Chris Garner, presented to Municipal District of Bonnyville Council recently and stated that during September the MD Peace Officers have been paying extra attention to school zones.

Director Garner says Peace Officers have been issuing tickets to drivers who don’t obey the flashing red lights on school buses. “We’ve been increasing our presence in Ardmore to facilitate some slower traffic, when the kids are using the crosswalks; at the end of the day and in the mornings.” The crosswalks are within the school zone perimetres, so motorists are required to slow down to 30kms/hour in that area. As well, it is illegal to pass a school bus when it is stopped with its lights flashing. This is the law regardless of whether or not the bus is in the school zone.


The MD of Bonnyville school resource program is up and running, reports Garner, “we started doing some of our program presentations.” The school resource program has local peace officers visit the local school and facilitate various educational programming that relate to policing and/or peace officers.