Lakeland Grill The Hidden Gem

Locals obviously love Lakeland Grill.

We stopped Friday evening and the place was packed with more people coming in all the time. The servers were busy but friendly and efficient. Our server took time to answer our questions and was able to easily tell me what was gluten-free on the menu.
We started out with the escargot. It was delicious! And the perfect size to share.
I had the Chicken Souvlaki which came with a side of rice and Greek salad as well. The tzatziki sauce was creamy with the perfect blend of dill and just a touch of garlic. The chicken was tender and flavorful. I enjoyed my meal immensely.
Jan ordered the Lasagna and Jan also ordered a small Greek salad… well, small is all relative! That salad was a meal in itself! Jan’s lasagna was baked to a golden brown and steamed as he pierced the cheese. My mouth watered! The lasagna sauce was meaty with just the right amount of Italian spices. With his salad and the lasagna, Jan ended up taking half of his lasagna home to enjoy the next day!

We both had our usual drinks, a Ceasar for me and a beer and clam for Jan. If you want a super hot Ceasar, try theirs! I actually couldn’t finish it as all I could taste after a few sips was Tabasco heat. This was my only complaint.
Locals know where to find Lakeland Grill, but if you’re a visitor to the area, it is a bit hidden amongst the shops downtown. It is well worth the hunt to find it though.
Service 4 out of 5
Atmosphere 3.5 out of 5
Food 4.5 out of 5