Sunday , 9 August 2020

Renegades Continue to Dominate Peewee Football

Bonnyville Peewee Renegades take Wainwright 65-30

Head Coach Kevin Sartain could not be more proud of the growth his squad has shown this season, after taking a big road win in Wainwright on Sunday. Coach Sartain explains he respects the fact that Wainwright is building a Peewee team and says he was able to play a lot of the players that don’t often see the field. This worked out great for the Renegades, as not only did they bring home the win, but they were able to better prepare the whole team for action by playing some of the younger players.

Coach Sartain even pulled his own son to try a different position, “we put Caleb Sartain, my boy, in as running back. It took two tries, but he did it, he was able to score.” The coach explains it’s important at the young level of football to try new positions and have players mix it up a little to see where they really shine. After the half, the team started putting in their second squad, says Sartain, “we got every-single-kid on our team playing. Not just the last five minutes, but we had every kid out there for almost an entire game of football.”

“We were subbing like crazy! And we were taking penalties like crazy because kids didn’t know what they were doing,” laughs Coach Sartain, who was equally pleased to see the Wainwright team get some points up on the board too. “To see their faces, it was pretty cool.” Sartain understands the big picture- the more teams in the league, the better the league and the better the competition, the better his own team.

“We threw for another 220 yards and had three touchdown passes. So on the season, a Peewee football team, now has 650 yards passing and nine passing touchdowns in 3 games,” boasts the coach, who is extremely proud of his team who barely hit 200 yards passing last season. “We have about 1000 yards rushing, so we’re probably sitting at 1600 yards of offense.”

Sartain says to keep the team working he becomes a drill sargent at practice, “I’ll flag everyone!” Cleaning up the game and instilling the rules into their minds is one of the most important elements to Sartain’s practices. “You have to keep them grounded and have them understand it’s about execution. Any job worth doing, is worth doing right.”

You have to be able to bring the very best out of them! – Kevin Sartain Head Coach Bonnyville Peewee Renegades

“One thing that I’ve always done is, I don’t change my game plan. Over and over and over again so they dream about it in their sleep!” Coach Sartain is looking forward to meeting the Lloydminster Steelers next weekend. The coach anticipates the Steelers to be the Renegades’ toughest competition yet.

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