Fishing Lake Skate Park Breaks Ground

The youth driven project is expected to be completed in five weeks

“It’s incredible to see these kids. They’ve been working for over a year on this,” Heath & Safety officer for the Fishing Lake Metis Settlement and local volunteer, Leon Cardinal explains it was the youth in the community who really drove the project. The groundbreaking marks the start of a five-week construction of the skate park, which will be located near the Commuplex.

“We’re really looking forward to having it done,” Cardinal expects the park to grow the community, “it’s so important for the youth in our community. It’s a project that they have had so much input in.”

It’s going to be more than just a place to go skate. It’s going to be a sounding board. A place for the youth to go talk to each other. It’s going to mean so much. – Leon Cardinal Local Volunteer

“This project is theirs, the kids. They’re the ones who started it and I was doing different things at the time when they asked me, ‘what do we do?’. So, I got involved and it’s been an awesome process for us.” The group is working with New Line Skateparks, known for building the Lloydminster and Cold Lake skate parks. ”

The park is the last build of the year for New  Line, “it was designed by the kids.” Cardinal welcomes everyone to see the park when it is completed in approximately five weeks (weather permitting). “It’s [the youth’s] park, they’re the ones who are going to use it; so they’re the ones who designed it.”

Thank you to the entire community of Fishing Lake for standing by and our leadership, Administration and Council. – Leon Cardinal Local Volunteer

The project was driven by the youth and local volunteers, who sought after grants to help with the funding. The park did receive one government grant and are waiting to hear back on another. Cardinal adds, “the Settlement has been very cooperative; everything is looking good.”