Renegades Steal the Game 43-7

Bonnyville Peewee Renegades open season with a win against Lloydminster Steelers

“Wet, rain, cold,” laughs Head Coach Kevin Sartain as he recalls Sunday afternoon’s game against the Lloydminster Steelers at Walsh Field. The defending champions, the Renegades, didn’t back down once from the challenge, says Coach Sartain.

“This is probably the most talented teams I’ve ever had, that’s for sure. Just pure athletic abilities,” Sartain, who has coached the Renegades since their inception four years ago says the team has really come together. “This team I have seven-eight kids that are just athletically gifted. All of my senior players, my veterans, are hard hitting, solid players.” If Sartain was forced to pick apart the team, he says there’s one element that’s not quite there, “compared to last year, we had a lot of size. This year we don’t have as much size on our offensive line, but we make up for that in sheer will and power.”

The Renegades were successful in completing about 140 yards in passes after catch, “the passing didn’t go quite as I expected, but that’s to do with weather conditions. We completed more passes in this one game, than we did all season, last year.” The rain came down throughout the four quarters, with lots of wind and a low measure on the thermometre.

This year we’re going to be a tough team. Any team that’s able to come up to us and beat us… well, I’ll take my hat off to them, that’s for sure. – Kevin Sartain Head Coach Bonnyville Peewee Renegades

Announcing exclusively to Lakeland Connect, Coach Sartain has confirmed this will be his last year coaching the Renegades. Sartain says he plans to move up to either the Bandits or Voyageur, “whomever will have me or needs me at the time. I’m ready to learn more.” Sartain says before he leaves he’d like to see two of his personal goals come to fruition:

  1.  to go undefeated
  2. to bring the championship to home soil.

“The goal I would like for these kids is to learn football, love football and to grow a little bit. But for me, as a coach, I would love to see an undefeated season and a championship game here.” Sartain explains he’s lead the team to the championships since entering the league, but has missed the home championship game each year due to points for and against. “That’s my goal and what I’m going to strive to do. We still have five more games, so you never know. We’re a pretty tough football team.”

We’re a very tough team and I pity anyone who comes up against us. – Kevin Sartain Head Coach Bonnyville Peewee Renegades

The Renegades will meet the only team that stopped them last season, the Lloydminster Colts Saturday for the Scott MacDonald Memorial. Find more information on the event here.