Wednesday , 12 August 2020

World Suicide Prevention Day recognized in Bonnyville

Mayor Gene Sobolewski Proclaims September 10th World Suicide Prevention Day in Bonnyville



WHEREAS, on September 10th, communities across Canada and around the world will join together to recognize World Suicide Prevention Day; and


WHEREAS, eleven Canadians will die by suicide today, and another 275 Canadians will attempt suicide today; and


WHEREAS victims of suicide in the Town of Bonnyville are missed in all aspects of our lives: they were our co-workers, our neighbours, our friends, and our family: they were our loved ones; and


WHEREAS the victims of suicide are not just the dead: they include the survivors dealing with false guilt in addition to legitimate grief; and


WHEREAS most suicides are preventable;


THEREFORE, I, Gene Sobolewski, Mayor of Town of Bonnyville, do hereby proclaim September 10th as World Suicide Prevention Day, and urge my fellow citizens, our employers and unions, as well as our proud civic institutions to Connect, Communicate, and Care as called for by the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention.

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