Monday , 14 June 2021

Bonnyville Pool Opens September 1st

The pool will reopen following two-month regrouting project

The Bonnyville swimming pool will reopen on September 1st confirms, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Bill Rogers. “We’ve been working on the pool all summer,” Rogers says during the regrouting process the pool was drained and closed to the public. There was some other issues that needed to be addressed with the regrouting was done. “We’ve had an assessment done on our roof. We had a little bit of a roof leak and there’s been other maintenance, like a pump replacement.”  The pool has been filled with water, and is being treated and heated, Rogers confirms the reopening, “we’re on target to be open the first of September; on schedule.”

While the pool was drained a feasibility study was done to assess the lifeline of the pool. A few factors were tested; including, the lifeline of the pool, could expansions or enhancements extend the lifeline, and would it be more cost-effective to build a new pool. “We received the first draft of the study the architect and engineers did on the pool, this summer,” Rogers says the finding just came across his desk the day prior and could not give Council a rundown of those findings at Tuesday’s Council meeting because he had not reviewed the study closely, yet. “There are some recommendations in there that we will be bringing to Council later,” confirms Rogers.

For more information on the Bonnyville swimming pool, visit the Town of Bonnyville online.


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