Monday , 14 June 2021

Cold Lake Elementary to Welcome Public

Open House for Students, Parents & Public on August 30th

“We’ve been working hard, all summer, to get that school ready! Our maintenance staff has been there, all the time, getting the school ready.” Nicole Garner, Communications Officer for Northern Lights School Division (NLSD) confirms the new  Cold Lake Elementary will be open to the public to have a snoop around on August 30th. “We’ll be ready for students September 1st. We decided to do an open house on the 30th to give everybody a sneak peek.”

“The community has been so supportive of this project, it’s an opportunity for them to come in [and have a look].” Garner says it’s also an opportunity for students to come in and see the school they will be attending. “Especially, for some kids, they get really anxious when things are new and they’ve changed. It’s a really good chance for them to come through and check things out. You know, lessen the nerves for the first day of school.”

“The whole spirit of that school, that was in the old school, the School with the Heart. It’s been carried over to the new school, very nicely.” Garner says the new facility has tons of natural light and is very inviting. The school is a brand-new build, with the former facility being demolished and will eventually be the location of the new parking lot. “The old school has been demolished, but the parking lot is not done yet. If you’re coming to the open house, you may want to park a few blocks away and walk over.” Originally, NLSD hoped to have the parking lot done during the summer but due to rain delays and the demolition of the former school took slightly longer than expected, so the schedule, for the parking lot, has been pushed back.

There will be more familiar faces in the hallway, explains Garner, “it’s K to 4 now, instead of K to 3.” The student body outgrew the old facility and the grade fours were moved to Nelson Heights, but with the new facility there will be room for the grade fours, who will be welcomed back to Cold Lake Elementary.

The school is open for registration. The open house is August 30th and the first day of school is September 1st.

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